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The Dance Song “0800 HEAVEN” By Nathan Dawe, Joel Corry & Ella Henderson



Ella Henderson‘s irresistible chorus sets the tone for the dance song “0800 HEAVEN, where Nathan Dawe and Joel Corry showcase their best collaboration yet. Plainly, its uplifting quality gets everyone on the dance floor in mere seconds.

The idea behind “0800 HEAVEN” came to Nathan during his last summer tour, and he’s stoked that he, Joel, and Ella brought it to life. Moreover, they’ve been teasing it during recent DJ sets and his gigs at Ibiza Rocks.

In short, it can be described as another epic summer collaboration. Besides, I dig how the music video shows what it’s like for up-and-coming artists on tour. Plus, the crowd’s energy at their live shows says it all!

the dance song

No doubt, this is the dance song playing at your party that got everyone on their feet and moving to the beat. Overall, the song lyrics explore themes of longing and the desire for communication with a former lover.

Despite the cheerful tempo, “0800 HEAVEN” serves as a heartfelt reflection on a past relationship and the hope for a connection beyond this life.

I can confirm this tune is rapidly topping the charts in the UK and abroad since its release in June.



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