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The Definitive Shoe Manual For Men



shoe#1 Love The Black Dress Shoe

black-lace-upEvery man should own a pair of black lace-ups. You can rock them with a suit or jeans, dress them up or down. They’re your fail-safe and your knockout punch – all wrapped into one.


Avoid frills and loud detailing. You want a pair that’s ready for the boardroom, and the bar.

#2 No Squares Here

hugo-bossIn the Fifties and Sixties, designers like Salvatore Ferragamo and Brioni started cutting suits and shoes slimmer. What can we say: those Italians always get it right.


Chunky square toes cue Danny DeVito, not Daniel Craig. A slim contour and rounded toe nail it every time.

#3 Make It Double

two-toned-shoesCorrespondent, spectator or two-toned shoes may have had their heyday in the big band era, but wearing them today displays irreverence and class. Sort of like Elvis pompadour, they make  big statement, showing the world that you like a good party, and probably know where to find one.


Loud dress socks and two-toned shoes are instant fashion suicide.

#4 Stand Out

hybridsWe’re all for classic dress shoes, but there are times when you need something extra. Hybrids – sneakers like brogues or camo-print monk tops – allow you to ditch your standard lace-ups and crank up your electric side.


These shoes are statement enough, so keep your overall look clean: dark jeans over distressed denims, solid suits over hectic windowpane checks, discreet patterns over busy prints.

#5 Loafing Around

loafingPenny loafers may have had a musty, avuncular vibe but modern, streamlined versions could be some of the best weapons in your arsenal. They take on the character of an outfit: formal when paired with a suit; casual when worn with polos and jeans.


#6 Go Buck Yourself

When sneakers abucksre too casual and brogues too dressy, lean on a pair of classic bucks. The round toe shape and fuss-free vibe make them wearable with khakis, dark denims and even your cheap suit.


#7 Cruise Control

Driving shoes driving-shoessoft moccasins with pebbled soles – are the pinnacle of lifestyle footwear. These shoes are comfortable, come in a wide array of colours and are totally functional. And no one crafts them better than Italian shoemaker Tod’s, who’s been reinterpreting its signature gomminos, or rubber-pebble bottom shoes, for decades, to great effect. They’re reminiscent of boat shoes, in that any guy can pull them off with jeans or slim khakis for a casual Mediterranean look. But be warned: Don’t even think of wearing them with socks. Even the gommino’s original patron saint, Fiat’s trendsetting bossman Gianni Agnelli, couldn’t pull that off.


sneak#8 Sneak Attack

High fashion’s big contribution to the world in recent time has been to strip things down. Minimalism is in, supersized logos are out and fashion kicks are no exception. A versatile pair of low-top sneakers is an essential part of any walk-in closet.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


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