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The Dudes
 are an amazing edgy, urban, Berlin born clothing company that specialise in great fashion and style for men everywhere. As you can see from their motto, this brand is like no other and they really think outside of the box with their collections. Their unique designs reflect how they think by being something you have never seen before with their grungy, edgy fashion.

This brand is really like no other and calls out to all the dudes out there from the Rock and Roll lover dudes to all you surfer dudes. Their amazing collection is available all over the world right from Europe to the opposite side of the world in Australia – both in store and online. If you can’t wait to see this wild and fun fashion then take a look at the Selectiv website for a taste of what The Dudes offer!

Bacon, cheese, meat and not giving a f*** – what more can a man want in life! The Selectiv have perfectly selected the best pieces from the whole of The Dudes range to show you the true essence of brilliant brand and how to be a real dude!

the dudes fashion brand
With amazing quality, comfort and style, the Dudes’ range features everything a true man needs. The great thing about this very manly brand is that they really take pride in their masculine, hedonistic, arty and slightly explicit menswear fashion which is seen across their whole range. They offer a whole selection of edgy and urban sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts which are a perfect approach to street wear fashion.

However, their unique designs are what sets them apart from the rest and really makes them stand out from the crowd as they are not scared to cross the mark with their designs as you can clearly see from the images above and their motto. We really love how they capture the essence of the mind of a man and transform it into the best and unique street wear that will last forever.

Their contemporary designs allow their fashion to stay current in the fashion world forever and if that doesn’t persuade you into loving their designs then their explicit interpretations definitely will! So if you see yourself as a true dude then head to this amazing and edgy collection with the link above and stand out from the crowd whilst bringing the best Berlin fashion all the way to the Australian shores!

“We are the dudes. We live in Berlin. We like what we like and we do what we do. We don’t care about opinions. It’s our way or the highway – the highway we love. And the wheels that you drive on it. In cars with girls in it. We are the dudes. A sworn collective that loves the good life. Just like us. Our apparel has our attitude to spare.”

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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