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The Entire World Is Addicted To This Remix Of “Love Nwantiti” By DJ Yo!



No doubt, the remix of “Love Nwantiti” by DJ Yo! and AX’EL is the most popular in the entire world until today. With over 225 million streams on Spotify + thousands of choreographies on TikTok, you can become addicted to it as well.

Hailing from Mauritius, Yohans Ismaël Dawood aka DJ Yo! gives new life to the original gem sung by Nigerian star CKay.

Fundamentally, the Afrobeats and the vocals stay intact in the new version. However, the tempo is speeded up thanks to the dancey beats which replace the acoustic lines. Plus, the piano is also key in this uplifting production.

As a result, such a massive hit will keep you twerking around the dancefloor. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.

Furthermore, the 21-year-old producer has topped multiple music charts across the planet for weeks.

Bear in mind that the stellar remix of “Love Nwantiti” features the right amount of relaxing vibes and tropical flair. Surprisingly, it was produced in less than a day on FL Studio along with his nephew.

The unconditional love and support from his parents were essential for him to achieve his dreams and become a rising international figure within the global dance scene.

Alan Walker, David Guetta, and Marshmello are his musical heroes. Nowadays, he’s looking forward to collaborating with Chris Brown in the near future. Make sure to follow him below.



By Erick Ycaza

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