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The EOS Jazz Music Bar And The Phenomenal Jazz Musician Called Max Polyakov



Max Polyakov
Max Polyakov’s story cannot be said without the phenomenal EOS bar. That was the place where he discovered his undying love for music and pledged himself to explore it to its fullest. He grew up in a family which appreciated music, especially a father who was passionate about it. Being born in the beautiful city of Bucharest, Max Polyakov has already been exposed to the beautiful art culture which seemed to emanate from the streets of the city. It turned out that many of the musicians in town loved the city and resided there. Being the third child of his parents, Max Polyakov knew a bit of the old and new, enough to create a beautiful mixture of both old-fashioned music and the newer music his younger siblings used to love. His home was one filled with such love and the siblings were able to get all that they wanted and needed to live a comfortable life.

Both parents were more endeared towards one genre of music. His father loved Jazz music with all of his heart and his mother was a lover of blues music. Together, they shaped the desire he had towards beautiful soul music.

The EOS bar

Ivan Polyakov, future jazz musician Max Polyakov’s father, introduced him to a certain bar by name the EOS bar. That bar was one of the best in town featuring some of the greatest Romanian jazz musicians of the time. These outings shaped Max Polyakov’s love for music but more specifically, it pushed him to have a great appreciation for jazz music, just like his father. Soon enough, he could remember off the top of his head many jazz pieces because of how often his father took him to the EOS bar.

One evening, Max Polyakov found himself mesmerized by some Louis Armstrong music that played from a vinyl system at home and decided to pursue music as a way of life. Max Polyakov heard the song and went on to ask his father about it. That was the beginning of a life-changing music journey for Max.

Max Polyakov becomes a musician and plays at EOS bar

By age fifteen, Max Polyakov had learnt how to play both the trumpet and saxophone and was already playing renditions for his peers to hear. One day, he walked into the EOS bar, the bar that had shaped his love for music for so long, and delivered a breathtaking rendition of one of Louis Armstrong’s songs. He had used some of his creative skills to infuse a little twist in the rendition. This floored his audience at EOS and since then, Max Polyakov was invited to play in the EOS bar.

Over time, he did all he could to perfect his skill and quickly became one of the most celebrated musicians in town. What made him even more special was that he managed to fuse the culture of his country, Romania into several of his pieces. Max Polyakov soon became a living jazz legend and was well celebrated for his brand of Jazz.

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