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The Evolution Of Footwear



footwearShoes make the man, or so we say. Nothing raises an eyebrow quicker than a great outfit with old, falling-apart, mass-produced shoes. You want footwear that is elegant, comfortable and just right for you.

Have you ever seen a shoe that was almost but not quite perfect? Something that was just the right shade of tan leather, but you hated the toe cap; the ideal shape, but the shine on the patent leather just wasn’t your style?

Luckily, with our 3D shoe customizer, this problem can be a thing of the past. Using this tool you can wear the perfect custom-made shoes, ones that are just right for you and your personal style.

This is the new frontier of footwear. Why do we think a 3D customizer is reshaping the retail landscape?

custom sneakers


Having a choice is a key element of our human experience. It gives us freedom and allows us to shape our destiny. They say everything in our lives is a reflection of the choices we make; why shouldn’t this include your bespoke shoes?

A 3D customizer allows for choice in what you wear. So often you are offered a selection of five styles in three colors each and that is the end of your input on a product that you are going to be wearing. But with a 3D customizer, you have a say in every aspect of the shoes, from the shape of the toe cap to the material to the stitch finishing.

Your input means you can have shoes that exactly meet your requirements and that you’ll feel happy wearing. We think it’s important each of our customers wear our shoes with a smile on their face, proud of the items and the fact that they contributed to the design.

custom sneakers
With custom made shoes, you have something completely unique that fits perfectly with your own style, because you’ve chosen them to do just that.

Customization takes you a step (no pun intended) beyond traditional footwear options. You are the person in control. It’s your shoe, your size, and your style; we just help bring your vision to life.


Creating something always feels good, doesn’t it? Whether it’s an incredible meal for friends or a pitch for a new project, it leaves you with a powerful sense of achievement and ownership.

custom camo shoes
The ability to customize something, to be involved in its creation, promotes a feeling of joy in something – who doesn’t want to feel joy in an item you wear, whether it’s an everyday pair of shoes, custom oxfords you bring out for a really special occasion or that pair of velvet loafers that always make you feel luxuriously decadent.

Smythe & Digby don’t only make shoes, our 3D shoe customizer allows you to be part of the design process for a personalized pair of shoes that are one-of-a-kind. Imagine the flush of pride you’ll get when someone asks who designed your shoes and you can truthfully answer: I did.


We’ve all been there: you buy something new, thinking it’s just the thing you need, and then after a couple of wears you start to notice flaws. The heel pinches a bit. The finishing isn’t quite right. The stitching looks a little cheap. Before long you find you’ve stopped wearing them and they lie at the bottom of your closet, abandoned.

It’s not exactly good value for money, is it? While this purchase might initially have appeared to save you money, when you’re not making the most of your sartorial items, it’s a poor investment.

On the other hand, if you’ve created customized shoes that are exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll find yourself wearing them all the time. Not wearing them because you feel you have to, but because you’re excited to.

This is why custom-made shoes are such great value; the cost per wear drops all the time, without you even trying. Using a customizer allows us to offer tailored, individual products at an affordable price.


Another thing that makes 3D customizers and made to order items the future of retail is how sustainable it makes footwear production. When things are not being mass-produced, but being carefully handmade, there is considerably less wastage.
There’s less waste of materials, because of the precise specifics our designers are using; your specifications allow us to be meticulous with our craft. There’s no surplus, no leftovers.

There’s also less waste of energy as we don’t use mass production to churn out identikit footwear. It’s work done by hand and done with care. This means that the environmental footprint we leave is shrinking.

We see that nowadays you cannot have innovation and creativity without sustainable production. We also recognize that higher quality means lower consumption, which is why we ensure every shoe we make is made with grade A materials and is constructed to last.


We’re sure everyone would agree that one of the main things we’re looking for in our shoes, apart from impeccable style, of course, is quality. In a world of temporary goods and fast fashion, we want items that last. We want things that are finely crafted and made using materials of the highest standard.

Designing your shoes using a 3D customizer allows for this higher quality. It turns your product into a handmade work of art, an artifact that you know will last. There is immense attention to detail which ensures the durability of your shoe.

This potent combination of quality, value, and choice is what makes the future of footwear. So put your best foot forward and start designing your shoe now.


Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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