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The Future of Men’s Suits



The Future of Men's Suits
It’s amazing how fashion has evolved over the years. Today, men can dress up any way they want. They can wear clothes with vibrant colors, studs and ripped jeans and their choices of garments are no longer limited to formal wear such as suits.

When did men stop wearing suits as everyday wear?

While men still wear suits to work, it is no longer the standard clothing. Now, the big question is, why and when did the trend stop? When the World War II broke, designers had limited access to high-quality fabrics which they often use to make suits. The shortage resulted to the monotony of designs and colors of suits.

The popularity of suits has weaned gradually. The decline started in the late 40’s until the early 70’s when conservatism and conformity rule. Simple clothing that requires fewer materials and less time to make became more popular.

In the 1950’s the “Ivy League” look became the hottest trend. Men started wearing preppy clothes such as cardigan sweaters, vests, and jackets when they are not in their suits. They also traded their suits for Hawaiian shirts when on vacation.

The variety of clothing for men has increased as years passed and the latest fashion is designed based on comfort and practicality. As the appeal of suits recedes, the business-casual look has surged, and men started going to work wearing blue jeans instead of trousers or shirts instead of formal jackets. It was the last straw for the most favored formal attire, in the 90’s the popularity of suits was pretty much over.

The Future of Men's Suits
Use of Suits in the modern era

Typically, suits are worn during formal occasions such as weddings, red carpet events, funeral and political gatherings. While jacket and trousers serve as uniform especially in corporate offices, it is mostly paired with other clothing such as basic Tees, Polo shirt or khaki pants to make the outfit look business casual.

Custom suits remain to be one of the most expensive clothing for men since it symbolizes opulence and status. Those that belongs in the upper echelon of politics and different industries continuously support and patronize fashion houses that produce customized formal wears.

Will the need for suit come to an end?

Despite the change in the societal norms in the way men dress, suits remain to be the choice of clothes in instances where they need to look at their best. According to a study from the California State University, Northridge, putting the formal wear impact the thought process positively and can make a man feel powerful and sure of themselves.

Suits will remain stylish regardless of the shift in the latest trend. It is a timeless piece that we can’t quickly forget and disregard. Years from now, it’s appearance and color may change as designers become more innovative and fearless with their designs, but it will always be familiar.

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