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The Impact Of Brexit On DJs



The clubbing scene is concerned that the Brexit process may lead to the introduction of individual member state work permits and/or visas for British DJs touring and working across European Union (EU) member states. Most professional musicians and performers rely on touring and traveling for their careers and livelihoods. Gigs and parties can be organised at short notice. DJs can be working in several different European countries over the course of a few days, on tour or freelancing, for different lengths of time. The possible introduction of work permissions and/or visas for British musicians touring and working in Europe could be extremely detrimental.

British DJs have long enjoyed easy access to touring in Europe, as UK venues and festivals have benefited from easy access to European performers,’ says Musicians Union General Secretary Horace Trubridge. ‘We know from touring in the US elsewhere, that visas and other restrictions impose significant costs and administration, and occasionally considerable financial loss when visas aren’t processed in time.’

The creative industries are worth a lot of money to the UK economy. That is more than oil and gas, life sciences and aerospace combined. It is the fastest-growing sector of the economy, employing one in 11 people, and music is an important part of it. It is vital that DJs get the best possible deal for the music sector in a number of areas that have been so critical to its success.

What do you think? How will Brexit affect DJs careers?

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