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The Lyrical Theme Of The Lamb Of God



The Lyrical Theme Of The Lamb Of God
A bunch of mind-blowing American Metalheads created a mighty band like Lamb of God back in the early 90’s which depicted the scary scenario of the mainstream Heavy Metal.

With 8 studios, 2 lives and only compilation album along with loads of awards and top chart certifications as the new wave of American heavy metal band industry.

They are heavily known for their confusing lyrics Groovy vocal. They don’t write shitty ancient lyrics like “loving me love me do, I know I love you”. They are the one who deals with a dark side of the society, bloodthirsty screaming for the sake of revenge because only the good die young.

And even they express their love and affections towards their partner. They are the one who will take their lover to the hell along with them. They believe that go to heaven for climate but hell for the companions.

As a roaring ghost, these metal freaks are full of most brutal lyrical ideas against the corruptions of our society who is just some pathetic losers in the name of fake civilizations.

Lamb of God albums are the inspirations for those who are willing to take action against it just like a smashing tornado what will pave the way to hell for all these corrupted losers because this is not a normal society at all.

It’s a war against the oppression, possessiveness, dishonesty. You need to be a classy man before fighting against all these odds till death. I repeat, till death, but not to surrender. You better kill yourself before getting back to the prison.

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Recording tons of songs in just a tiny album will erase the album concept at first!! And that’s why Lamb of God albums decided to keep only 10 tracks in a single album without any overwriting, that’s it!!

As a lyricist, before releasing an album you need to have a specific goal setting with a focused and analyzed situation at first, and definitely, that is the sign of the very much influenced by the 70s classic rock songs.

The scary traumatic experiences of the prison even the uncertainty on a foreign country leads to the PTSD of the lyricist of LOG. Their excellent use of imageries of the haunted prison of the 2nd World War where German killed more than 2000 people on that prison just in 3 years what made a scary impact on the lyricist of the Lamb of God albums.

That’s an awful experience in what you don’t want to get involved and if it still happens then you will be the part of this scary history anyway.

Blyth is popular for his unique concepts of lyrics he wrote on his career of Lamb of God, but this is for sure about that.

This time Blyth doesn’t want to write his first book of life-based on some screaming experiences of a prison which belongs to the 123 years old already and never had any renovations it’s just a place where unhappy spirits or souls still floating around your neck. Maybe, maybe not… who knows?

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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