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The Lyrical Truth Indiegogo Fight Violence With Music



The Lyrical Truth Indiegogo Fight Violence With MusicThe Lyrical Truth is pushing to make a musical movie that addresses the issue of domestic violence and the spectrum of abuse as a whole. Clara, a survivor of abuse goes to dream-therapy to get over the demons of her past. There are a total of 14 songs written + composed by Jim Baclagon and Ross Boyd. A feature length first for Hysteria Pictures.
Jim from New Hampshire says, “I’ve been working on the music and the idea of the movie since late January of 2013. The more I get to know Clara and the characters the more this musical seems to grow. My actors and everyone who heard of the project seemed to be rather intrigued at the concept.”
When the DVDs and CDs come out every $20 spent we will donate $1 to New Beginnings or a place like it. Even though the movie has elements of fantasy and sci-fi the characters and stories are based on reality. Please visit the indiegogo page to help make this movie. Hear a couple of song demos going to be sung by my cast in the movie. The Lyrical Truth may be a cult-hit in the making.

Below, you can listen two demo song samples, “The Words” and “Better” from The Lyrical Truth.

Please, support this great project  ↓

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