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The New Division Reveals Details Of ‘Hidden Memories’ Album In Interview



The New Division

Prior to the album release, John Glenn Kunkel aka The New Division shares with us full details about this fresh project. Lovers of electronic music, New Wave, and Synthpop are the proper target audience that will enjoy ‘Hidden Memories’. Get all the facts down here!

1 – Thanks for your time, why did you pick ‘Hidden Memories’ to be the title of your album?

It’s a bit of a running joke at this point but I normally don’t approach songwriting with any concrete meaning. I like to pick words that go well together and sometimes that ends up making sense but other times it doesn’t. When I look back at any song I’ve written I always feel like that process of word picking ended up being something I meant to say deep within my subconscious. I chose the title ‘Hidden Memories’ because when I write songs, I know I’m trying to make meaning of a certain nostalgic feeling, even though I’m not fully aware of what that emotion is. My ‘hidden memories’ are in the songs I write, and within a year from now, those songs will take me back to what I was feeling when I wrote them and shine a new light on other past memories.

2 – What were the three most important aspects you took in mind during the recording process?

Given that I wrote this album over two years, it’s hard to say. I know that I wanted to go back to my older sound back from the ‘Shadows’ era (my first LP). I also wanted to blend melodic techno, synth-pop and indie rock as much as possible. I knew from the start that this record had to sound slightly different but I also wanted to preserve the “new division” feel without compromising my own sound.

3 – Is your sound influenced by vintage bands or 80s classics?

I’m not sure its really influenced by either. I’m really more influenced by whatever I’m currently listening to which can be a wide range of music. No doubt, I’m a huge fan of Depeche Mode, New Order, and all of those classic new wave era bands, but I also really appreciate a lot of dance music. I think my inspirational ‘anchor’ sits with creating music that’s very melodic but also has a dark tone.

4 – Do you admire the work of any contemporary artist these days?

Most definitely. I mean the list is quite endless as there’s so much good music being put out every day. It’d be hard to pinpoint anyone down specifically but I generally admire what everyone else is doing, within the style/influences I mentioned earlier. It’s a really interesting time to be alive music-wise because everyone’s sort of doing their own thing without much care as to whether or not it will be successful – people are just making music because they understand it’s fun and it’s a great outlet for pleasure.

5 – Analog synths or digital synths, what did you use on this album?

90% digital synths no doubt. I love analog synths but a lot of times I’m starting songs out of a coffee shop or outside the studio. It’d be great to have the time and resources to tweak with analog gear, but I just kinda prefer to sit in front of a computer and load something with two clicks, do a couple of sound choices and call it a day.

6 – What’s your most favorite track on ‘Hidden Memories’? Why?

“Ride” is probably my favorite song because it was one of the last ones I wrote and it really tied the album together. I feel like even though this record doesn’t really have a ‘narrative arc,’ sonically that song just brings everything together.

7 – What’s one thing you want listeners to take from this album?

I’m not sure I’ve really thought about that too much. I just hope they like it and can feel what I felt while I wrote the songs. Euphoric!

8 – Are you planning to release a music video or a tour in 2020?

Yes, there’s a tour likely happening in the fall of 2020 and potentially a few overseas dates although nothing is confirmed at the minute. Music video-wise, there’s one coming out when the album releases but no plans for any others at the minute.

9 – What about remixes?

Yes! Super excited that we’ll be releasing loads of remixes this year from a lot of talented artists.

10 – Finally, do you believe all your new songs carry a tangible message?

Not really. The message is whatever it makes the listener feel. Whatever I do is open to interpretation, as far as I’m concerned!



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