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Deep House

The Newest Underground Music By CLOSE QUARTERS INFILTRATE



newest underground music
The minimal melodic lines via “OPERATION SMOKESCREEN” feel generally simple. However, the moments of tension behind its synthesized drum pattern call back the hardcore punk days where fighting was common.

Within such a perspective, Oklahoma City-based producer CLOSE QUARTERS INFILTRATE introduces you to his newest underground music. Definitely, a unique Deep House release on Stereowave Records intended for clearing the mind.

Somewhat hypnotic, here the artist promises from the start that “OPERATION SMOKESCREEN” will pump your endocrine system due to its rawness and complexity.

Stream the full track below.

In its purest form, the poly-rhythmic style isn’t relying on vocals like most commercial stuff. On the contrary, CLOSE QUARTERS INFILTRATE’s newest underground music is complemented by electronic beats beyond the usual conventions.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to stick to a chorus or cheesy lyrics, but rather get to focus on the experimental arrangements that flow nicely through the combination of instrumental elements.

All things considered,  tactics require observation even regarding sound design. Surely, this is a great example where CLOSE QUARTERS INFILTRATE has proven to master the basics.

After all the pulsating bass this musician put into a piece of sonic textures, there’s still a vast of possibilities you can continue to explore in the near future.

Be sure to follow him on the label’s socials for more updates.



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