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The Song Creation Formula ▷ Get Unstuck With Your Songwriting



The Song Creation Formula ▷ Get Unstuck With Your Songwriting
Songwriters sometimes get stuck, whether it’s finding a lyric, finding a melody or a chord progression, or digging deep into the heart of the song — the story, the message, the emotions. Sometimes they get stuck before they even start. In this article, you’ll learn how other songwriters effectively overcome this challenge. Our mission is to transform fine energy in its pure form of potentiality into a medium that can be perceived with our senses… To do this we need tools!

Creating the Foundation

Step 1: Brainstorm for a few minutes, allowing yourself to write freely from a stream of consciousness, without editing. Then, see what catches your attention — to find your song title.

Step 2: From here, you can expand the idea into an outline. Pick three main points that you want to explore.

Step 3: What is the main thought, feeling, or concept? What brings it all together to create meaning? This is your chorus.

Now you have the foundation for your song. Find a chord pattern that fits.

Change Things Up

Put down your instrument when you start realizing that you are writing the same song over and over again, using the same chord patterns. You feel like you’re in a rut and one of the most important things we can learn is to put the instrument down and write the song in your head because there are no limitations there. If you’re stuck on lyrics, stop thinking about lyrics; think about the group, think about the guitar part, think about the melody, think about the flavour. Maybe that will inspire a lyric.

How Do I Say Something New or Unique?

Come from your own experience. How can I best describe and capture perfectly that feeling that I was going through… There’s one goal in songwriting, to have people experience an emotion from it.

Finishing It

One great way to finish a song is to get feedback from other songwriters, bloggers, and music listeners. Go to open mics, perform for friends, and attend songwriting circles. Then, edit the song drawing from any of those new insights. You should also be recording demos. Listen back to what you’ve created; analyze it from the perspective of the listener. Play the song for other people. Post it online and get feedback. Electro WOW has a system for getting your songs reviewed. You can also go to demo listening sessions at conferences and songwriting circles.

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