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The Story Behind Nitepunk’s Debut Album ‘HUMAN’



Nitepunk HUMAN
A true story of grit and determination manifests itself with the release of Nitepunk’s highly-anticipated debut album ‘HUMAN, out now via HARD Records.

Nitepunk’s journey began in his homeland of Georgia, where he spent his days surrounded by mountain villages and Black Sea beaches. Dancing and raving from a young age, Nitepunk was fueled by his love and adoration for music. He was able to harness this love and build a community for ravers in his country. Though his successes in Georgia were palpable, Nitepunk knew there was something bigger in store for himself and his future in music. The artist packed his bags and headed to New York on a tourist visa, where he struggled to earn enough to keep a roof over his head.

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Though he faced many trials and tribulations throughout his time in New York, Nitepunk spent every ounce of energy he had left to focus on his undying passion for creating music. Heavily influenced by the underground scene that surrounded him, Nitepunk quickly gained support from notable industry leaders who believed in his craft including Noisia, Joyryde, Foreign Beggars, Moody Good, and more.

“Moving to America was monumental for my personal and artistic growth. I had hit a massive reset button on my entire life and all of a sudden I was in New York on my own. This album reflects every moment of my time here. I wanted every track to be a record I could be proud of, where I would have the freedom to push my own musicality. When I approach a song I’m always trying to capture where I currently am in my life so when it was time to put the album together I realized that all the ideas I had written over the past six years were representing significant episodes in my life.

During the creation of this album, there were many radical changes that affected my workflow and environment. At the very end, it seemed like everything was falling into place, and the project became exactly what it was meant to be. I am excited to share this with the world and step into the next journey of new experiences and inspirations. I called this album HUMAN because it’s very complex musically and emotionally, as we all are. I wanted to capture raw emotions and experiences through music because that’s the one thing in this life that I know best.” — Nitepunk

Nitepunk’s eclectic and high-energy break-beat-inspired songs surely set him apart from the rest. Creating a style that is rooted in originality and distinctive synthesis, the artist designs an environment for fans to get lost in a labyrinth of sound.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Nitepunk’s determination to shine only blossomed into something bigger. With the release of ‘HUMAN,’ Nitepunk showcases his unorthodox, yet captivating delivery of music. The artist emphasizes that he perceives music visually, being able to see what he wants to create before bringing his art to fruition. As he employs his gifts in the audiovisual realm, Nitepunk invites listeners to take a journey with him, not only from the beginning to end of the album but through his impressive feat to get to the top despite all odds.



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