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The Untold Story About Acid House Music



Acid House
When it comes to Classic House and Acid House, the distinction between them is not really that clear. They both involve extending tracks and tweaking the pitch on the Roland TB-303, which was first done by DJ Pierre from Chicago on his Acid Tracks. Only hardcore fans of 80s and 90s dance music can really tell them apart.

The term ‘Acid House’ is often associated with drugs and how they influenced the music. But despite its name, acid (or LSD) wasn’t the drug of choice for acid house fans. That drug was more popular among the previous generation of hippies and beatniks who settled down and bought property during the Thatcher era.

In simpler terms, the difference between Ecstasy and LSD is that Ecstasy was considered new and was known for giving the user lots of energy and keeping them dancing for a long time without getting tired. However, it also caused extreme dehydration.

In the 90s, there were reports of teenagers dying from drinking too much water after taking Ecstasy, which led to panic among parents and lawmakers. The incident involving Leah Betts in 1995 was particularly famous and led to the introduction of the Public Entertainments Licences (Drug Misuse) Act, which was used to shut down the London club Fabric in recent years.

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