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The Untold Truth Behind Queer Hymn “Unrequited” By Lyda — Interview



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Lady Gaga fans and the queer community in general will love Lyda‘s brand new hymn “Unrequited.” I got the pleasure to interview the up-and-coming artist about this insanely danceable track. In fact, the deep meaning of the single is truly enlightening.

1 – Please tell us about your most recent song “Unrequited.” Where does the inspiration for your writing come from?

I wrote “Unrequited” 2 years ago. At the time, I was just beginning to accept that I was queer (I am now openly pansexual) and I would go into clubs and bars in NYC and when a woman walked in who I was attracted to, I would battle with this feeling of both excitement and lingering shame from years of repression. The song became about that struggle and the realization that I couldn’t stop myself from those wants I had. I couldn’t deny those parts of myself any longer.

2 – On each single, you raise to another level. Which level do you feel you reached with this release?

I love that this release is both very catchy while still maintaining a unique sound that is dancey but also dreamlike. I love that the lyrics are a little queer compared to my other releases. This year I put out a lot of Pop music, and next year I plan on releasing more experimental music.

3 – Where was it produced?

Like a lot of my music, I wrote and produced it myself on Ableton in the Brooklyn apartment I used to live in.

4 – What came first, lyrics or melody? Why?

Sometimes they come together, sort of flowing out of me, this was one of those times! That’s always a very special and exciting experience. I made the production after having written the melody and lyrics together.

5 – Who would you like to dedicate this track to?

I wrote this when I was struggling with my sense of self and just beginning to understand my sexuality and now I’m in a place where I feel confident in my sexuality but I’m just starting to understand my gender identity. I’d like to dedicate this song to anyone struggling to accept themselves. Repression is very real and can take a lot of time to work through, I’m still working through it! I hope this track provides a space for queer people to come together, dance, and celebrate themselves.

6 – What do you hope to accomplish with “Unrequited”?

I hope it makes people dance!

7 – What will you do if this one doesn’t fly?

I love this song and that’s all that really matters at the end of the day. I’m just happy to finally be putting it out into the world! Not every release resonates with people, and that’s okay!

8 – What are your influences, not just in Pop, but in life, too?

Lady Gaga of course! I’m also incredibly inspired by Grimes, Radiohead, Flying Lotus, and lately, I’ve been obsessed with Laurie Anderson. I love how she expresses herself through so many different art forms and challenges our perception of what music is. I plan to take a lot of influence from her in the next year.

9 – How do you feel about Electro-Pop music today?

I want to see more risks taken and more experimenting done by major artists. I always appreciate how artists like Grimes are pushing themselves to create out-of-the-box, unexpected music.

10 – How do you foresee your career in the next 10 years?

I would love to continue releasing music and performing as Lyda, along with writing and producing for other artists. I plan on releasing more poetry, incorporating more performance art aspects into my shows and eventually I want to write and produce a musical, a full circle to where I started, in musical theatre! It is very important to me to feel like I am always exploring and expanding myself as a person and an artist.



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