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The World’s Best Wireless Speaker?



The World's Best Wireless Speaker?
If you thought French audio manufacturer Devialet had already nailed the high-end wireless speaker market with their gobsmacking Phantom and Silver Phantom speakers, prepare to dribble down your front at what they’ve done now. The brand-new Gold Phantom is, like its siblings, a complete plug and play experience. Hook it up to whatever (via wi-fi, Bluetooth, etc) and you control it directly from your smartphone. So far, so good.

What sets this little beauty apart is not only its good looks – yes, it is pink gold-plated and it has a pure titanium tweeter but the sheer power. Using a revolutionary patented process created by Devialet’s own engineers, the sound these guys pump out is bigger and bolder than you could ever imagine.

You can actually see the thing in action, with its two bass drivers banging away on either side like it’s a living beast. And while the Silver Phantom fizzes with 3,000 watts of power and kicks out 105 dB (think motorbike), the Gold Phantom ups the ante somewhat with 4,500 watts, tipping the scales at 108 dB, which is the sort of noise you’d expect stood in a room with a live rock band.

If one of these isn’t enough for you, you can sync up to 24, which would probably blow your wallet as well as your mind. The Gold Phantom will set you back a very tidy $2,840 USD.

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