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The Worst Music Videos of 2010



Robbie Rivera- Rock The Disco (David Guetta Remix)
Everybody loves this Remix of Robbie Rivera`s “Rock The Disco”, but there is one problem, the video SUCKS. A horribly animated video about aliens in a toy factory doesn`t make sense to me. Too bad it won´t be remade.
Avicii & Sebastien Drums- My Feelings For You

Here we have another crappy animated video that looks like if it was made in the 90s. Awful 3D graphics and a low budget won´t make this single a successful hit in the music charts.
Cascada- Pyromania
Don`t you think the male dancers look stupid wearing a big astronaut helmet? YES, they totally look like a bunch of idiots. Besides that the song is boring and it sounds like Lady Gaga`s early material. I believe Natalie Horler a.k.a. Cascada needs to reinvent herself soon, otherwise, she will ruin her music career.
Grum- Through The Night
I would describe this video as stupidly funny. A love story about two male detectives is something ridiculous! There`s no action in this video, just a silly drama.
Sidney Samson- Shake That Thing (Riverside)
There`s no doubt that Sidney Samson is one of the best DJs of the moment, but this song doesn´t represent his Dirty House music at all. The whole concept of the video is poor and uninteresting.

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