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The Worst Streaming Media Devices to the Best



The Worst Streaming Media Devices to the Best
Streaming media devices have grown up over the last few years as technology has enhanced. The main reason streaming media devices have grown in popularity with people is the ability to watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. A streaming media devices connects to your internet allowing you to stream media directly from a source to your TV. The more popular applications include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO Go. Not every device on the market allows you access to every one of these apps. Each device has its own specs, apps, and features.

The Worst Streaming Media Devices

Three of the worst devices that have been put on the market are the TiVo Roamio, Sony NSZ-GS8 and the Asus Cube. All three were set-top boxes with limited capabilities. The TiVo Roamio was the most expensive of the three and it had the most limited access to movies and TV shows, news and sports making it highly undesirable. The Asus Cube was ugly and clunky. Neither the Sony nor Asus had DVR capability making the usability limited. None of these were worth purchasing or hanging onto. In fact, TiVo has since cancelled its Roamio and its successor versions the Plus and Pro. Although they did have DVR capabilities and enhanced its features from the original Roamio, they did not have the features and benefits a streaming media device needed.

The Okay Streaming Media Devices

The Philips HMP2000, Samsung Smart Media Player and Vizio Co-Star LT all brought something to the table when they came out. They all learned from the early streaming devices with simple set-ups, a modern look and feel, and great compatibility to other devices. Although the remotes were lacking, the devices did offer 1080p resolution, music, photo and video streaming as well as social networking. The media streaming for media and TV was quite lacking on the Philips device because it only has the Netflix app. The Vizio device beat the other two devices by far in this category with a few different video streaming options to choose from. However, none of these devices were good enough for a second generation and they all retired.

New Streaming Devices

There are many new devices that have been debuted in the last three years that greatly out perform any predecessor streaming devices. Some of these include the Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI), Roku 3, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and the StreamSmart TV. These devices are much newer with industry-leading features, settings, applications, functionality, outputs, etc. Most of these devices allow you to watch your favorite shows and sports hassle free on the best output available for your TV. Most of these devices also offer a new voice-sensitive feature so that you can talk to the device as opposed to having to use the remote. You can search by saying a name of a show, for example. The price of the devices is coming down exponentially and depending on your needs, any one of these will fit your guidelines. They are all offer news, TV and movies, social media, sports, other device connectivity, and allow you to get rid of your current cable company if you so choose.

Streaming media devices are getting better every year and pretty soon people will be fully reliant on these devices as opposed to cable TV or satellite programming. The generation of TV is seeing a large shift and it is only becoming greater due to the ability to stream and access more material in an easier capacity. The only thing people need to be conscious of is their internet data plan a

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