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There’s A New Free-To-Download Sarantos Song: “Easy To Believe”



There's A New Free-To-Download Sarantos Song "Easy To Believe"
Sarantos Releases A Pop Love Song for the Summer “Easy To Believe” because sometimes love is easy, real and carefree.

Sarantos started off the summer with a funky Top 40 Pop Song last month and follows that up with a cool new summer pop song this month. Some fans have wondered when a happy love song is going to be released that is infectious and positive. Well fear not, sometimes love is easy, real and carefree. This song makes it easy to believe in love.

As the song leads fans towards the reality that true love does sometimes in fact truly exist, the lyrics are actually a bit ambiguous. Is love easy? Is it easy to believe or is it actually a false sense of belief? Sarantos plays with the lyrics in such a way that this song can possibly be interpreted at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Sarantos continues a unique journey. There are many around the world that are in love, from a first date, to infatuation to real passion and fire. Wedding bells ring around the world but so do the broken hearts and promises of a belief in a lover that didn’t pan out as expected. Sarantos leaves it to one’s imagination and the song is open to interpretation.

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“This song is all about the basic human emotion of love,” says Sarantos. “Love is easy and carefree. Love is real! If and when one finds true love, my advice to you is to hold onto it and cherish it because many people have never experienced what you are now feeling. Love is made up of moments that are easy to believe. Love is real. Everyone deserves to be in love. It will shape you for the rest of your existence.”


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