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TheVerce aka Mr. Turn On Is Back With A New EP Titled “The Inner Light”



TheVerce aka Mr. Turn On Is Back With A New EP Titled "The Inner Light"
aka Mr. Turn On is back proving once again he lives and breathes exclusively to party. From shots in the club with Snoop Dogg to howling at the moon and tripping on Mushrooms. TheVerce is reassurance creative Hip-Hop has not wilted away. ‘The Inner Light’ EP is strictly designed to increase your serotonin levels with a witty arrangement of imaginative celebratory songs.

TheVerce has teamed up with The Ying Yang Twins to create one of my favorites on the EP  simply called “The Drank Song”.  With today’s music drowning in a whirlpool of repetitive subject content, TheVerce continues to remain focused on his style and staying unique. He is going to have the entire planet saying “alright, alright, alright” once they inhale a dose of the genius song titled “Matt McConaughey.” Every club and every pool party will have this EP on repeat. There’s not an obvious weak spot in sight on this release. You can receive a copy of “The Inner Light” everywhere and on iTunes.

Here’s the exclusive audio to “The Drank Song” ft. Ying Yang Twins 🙂


1 – How do you feel about the state of music?

I feel music is in a great place and in a terrible place at the same time. It is great because there are so many new outlets for independent artists to be felt and heard. It is in a terrible place because many of these new Indie artists find out the hard way that once you are in the game you have to sacrifice making a great album and dumb it down to a catchy single in order to keep the lights on. Since no one buys albums many artists don’t concentrate on making classics anymore.

2 – Are there any producers you worked with on this EP?

Yes, I’ve created an electronic Hip-Hop fusion hit called “I’m Turnin’ On” with The Mixx Addix/808 Mafia. This record was instant gold. These guys know how to produce around an artist’s strength.

3 – What was it like working with The Ying Yang Twins?

Well to be honest I didn’t think this record was going to get done. lol When The Ying Yang Twins come to the studio, the studio becomes a nightclub. We were in the studio partying for about 10 hours and eventually had to kick everyone out in order to work. Mad Respek for them dudes.

4 – How did you come up with the concept of the Matt McConaughey song?

Simple, I am classified as a festival-goer slash peace-loving, new-age black hippie. Dazed and Confused is one of my favorite movies of all time. I heard the track and went into what I call my blackout writing zone.

5 – You say let’s get McConaugheyed a lot. What does that mean and has he responded to the song?

Well, getting McConaugheyed is different depending on what your into. For some people its smoking, for others it’s drinking and for some it’s just laughing and having a sober good time. McConaugheyed is basically getting into your party zone whatever that may be. And no Matthew McConaughey hasn’t reached out but who said the song was about him. lol

6 – What is different about this project in comparison to your prior projects?

Honestly, my last few projects were a little more P.C. It seemed like hip-hop was reaching a level of unsavoriness. So I went against the grain and told a story from the other side of music. This project still reflects my attitude of stop hating and having a good time but it is much more raw then my last few projects.

7 – Can you clear up the rumors about beef or rivalry between you and Rittz?

Yo this question follows me everywhere. It’s simple. Me and Ritz are from the same town in Gwinnett GA, I am from the Buford side and he is from the Lawrenceville side. A lot of times those sides beef with each other but me and Rittz are actually good friends. We started off rapping at a lot of shows in Gwinnett together. I support him and he supports me. We talk and are cool with each other. A lot of people think we beefing because we are two Gwinnett County legends and we haven’t done a song together. We have two very different styles and our schedules haven’t allowed us to link. No matter what the media say we both rep that GC and we gonna always be down.

8 – Are you going to continue to do electronic hip-hop?

Of course, I am. I have a few electronic hip-hop songs on this project and I am currently working with some major djs to take my electronic hip-hop sound to the next level. Stay tuned for that.

9 – Do you have any new shows or tours coming up?

Yes we are working on a major college tour this fall with a few other artists so be on the lookout for tour dates on my website

10 – What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working on music?

PARTY and getting McConaugheyed.



By Erick Ycaza

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