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TheVerce Interview 2015




In this interview TheVerce spoke to Electro WOW about how he became involved in the Hip Hop & Electro scene and what inspires him to create music with a very original style.

1 – Who do you admire and learn from?

When it comes to music I look at it from both sides, the production and the writing sides. From the production side I admire and have learned from the greats like the god father of House, DJ Pierre. The king of energy, Skrillex, Bad Boy Bill, Kaskade and so many others. From the writing side I admire creative groups like The Prodigy, Outkast and a few others.

2 – Do you sing and produce your own tracks?

I sing and arrange most of my music productions.

3 – People love your live performances and your shows. Is there a funny anecdote you want to share with us?

We were doing a spring festival in Florida and my light up hoodie would not ignite. It was timed to react to the music so I had to play off the mishap and flung the hoodie into the crowd. I wasn’t planning on being shirtless so I didn’t shave my abs that day and had a wild tank top tan. The fellas in my crew had fun with that story after the show. Razors were placed on my pillow for laughs.

4 – You regularly play at clubs. Do you have any favorite?

The venues are becoming bigger as I grow in popularity but nothing compares to the home town places that gave me my start. Luby’s and Wild Bills.

5 – Do you think the fusion of Electro and Hip Hop music is something that will last for many years?

It is a genre that is still on the rise so it is hard to say. I believe if you are genuine in what you do and have a message that connects with people in your music, it will survive the test of time.

6 – What’s the name of your upcoming album? Please tell us more about the new tracks.

The new project is called LifeNLights. I am very excited about this project and its release this year. LifeNLights is a production of Electro Hop infused with my own personal touch. Expect the unexpected. Pop/House/Trance/Dance/Hiphop and more…

7 – Your latest single “Wait On Me” became a club hit. Why did you decide to release it as the first single of your new album?

Honestly, it was not scheduled to release as the first single. I am a huge supporter of underground music so I follow intensely. The underground intellects somehow found the song and leaked it. It became a viral sensation immediately so we had to respect the masses and pushed “Wait On Me” as the first single. I believe it is the perfect video to display my vision of bright lights, partying, unity, and love.

8 – Did you enjoy being part of the music video for “Wait On Me”?

Oh yes, I really enjoyed being a part. Like most of my shows and projects, it was one huge electro party! It wasn’t much work at all. lol

9 – What’s the name of your next single?

The next single is called “Roll With Me”. This single is going to be a global smash hit. Roll with me is designed to display my vision and passion for world unity. We are all the same so lets all party together and “Roll With Me”.

10 – Where can we catch you singing over the next months?

We are completing the southeast leg of our campaign in the U.S. We will be in Florida the month of March at the world famous Club Lavela, Night Town and a few other places in Miami. Check for details.

11 – What advice would you give to people that want to follow in your footsteps?

Believe in yourself, never give up. There is no expiration on following your dreams. When you are doing something outside of the norm it sometimes take a while for others to see your vision and accept it. Stay true and stay consistent.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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