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This Earworm Song Redefines Virtual Romance, “Two Strangers”



LAU‘s new earworm song, “Two Strangers,” tells a modern love story in the digital age. It explores the unique narrative of two individuals entwined in a virtual romance via Zoom.

As the lyrics navigate the uncharted waters of long-distance affection, the protagonists grapple with the uncertainty of pursuing a connection that raises eyebrows among those around them. From its opening notes to its pulsating crescendo, this track exudes a vibrant energy that will captivate right away.

Surprisingly, its infectious melody effortlessly hooks everyone, as “Two Strangers” feels like the perfect earworm song that has you singing along within moments. Furthermore, the mix of supercharged synthesizers and captivating vocals creates an irresistible blend.

earworm song

In our virtual world, this jam resonates with those who’ve ventured through online relationships. While distance appears as a hurdle, a virtual romance lets you concentrate on emotional closeness, going beyond miles.

On the other hand, “Two Strangers” finds its home within her second studio album, ‘Circumstance (Take Two),’  showcasing LAU’s skills in creating heartfelt cuts.

Without further ado, such a great tune is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Plus, I love the way she seamlessly marries storytelling with contemporary beats.



By Erick Ycaza

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