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THIS OR THAT: Galestian



has continually grown over the last couple of years, turning in to THE producer and DJ to watch, With fresh sounds and evolving, powerful tracks, he has impressed titans of the industry and fans alike. His love for travelling the world has transcended into his music to create unique sounds with too many inspirational sources to mention. With so much more to come, he is a name to watch and we have no doubt he will grow even more before the year is out. We caught up with him to ask some seriously tough music questions and find out more about his choices!

DJing or producing?

Tough one! I love both for different reasons. I grew up in a musical family, so producing was a natural extension from that, but my first real passion that I actually took action towards was DJing. They both aligned at some point, and I still love them both. But right here, right now, in this precise moment in 2018, I’d definitely say producing, since that’s where I have been directing my focus most.

Analogue or digital?

I’ve built a lifestyle around producing music while traveling – so much so, that I launched a website called with an eBook dedicated to helping music producers make release-quality music while on the road. That said, definitely digital – solely because it’s the most portable way to go, and digital now competes heavily with analogue anyhow!

Single or album?

Albums are great because you can tell a story in a series of relatable songs, with each song representing a chapter. But, at the moment I’m focusing on short stories to tell my tales – so I’ll go with single.

Live recording or MIDI arrangement?

I really want to say “both” here again. Live recordings add an organic feel to a song, something that is impossible to duplicate with a MIDI arrangement. But, for all intents and purposes, considering my own circumstances to keep a minimalist, portable lifestyle, I’ll go with MIDI arrangement (though I still love using live recordings in music whenever possible).

Collaborations or solo work?

Most of my work has been solo. Producing music is definitely an introspective experience for me first – unlike DJing, its extroverted counterpart. That said, I love collaborating with others, especially when we’re in the same room. There’s a certain magic that happens when two people are on the same musical wavelength – something that could never happen with solo production.

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Guitar or piano?

Definitely piano. I grew up playing the piano, as did my sister. My father is a professional pianist, and piano has been a tradition in our family for generations. It’s the instrument that feels most natural to me, and where most of my melodic ideas originate.

Finally – new Galestian or old Galestian?

I would say “new Galestian” – the sound is much more defined, and I’m super excited to be working on my current projects. Paul Oakenfold has been very supportive of the new sound, and Perfecto Black is a label I see myself working with for a long time. They’re really a great team of people to work with and I’m grateful for that.



Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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