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THIS OR THAT: Mert Butuner



Mert Butuner
The Manchester-based DJ and producer Mert Butuner has burst on to the scene in the last few years, with an every growing fan base supporting his original tracks as well as his eclectic mixes. If you’ve been lucky enough to see him live you’ll know how great his sets are, but if you haven’t, why not?! His work is constantly evolving and he has gained respect from the biggest names in the Electronic music industry. We caught up with him to ask him some seriously tough questions and learn more about his musical passions!

DJing or producing?

Even though DJing is extremely fun, I would have to go with producing as creating tracks from scratch is something else.

Analogue or digital?

Digital, I don’t use any analogue gear at the moment but would love to own some and try them out in the future.

Single or album?


Live recording or midi arrangement?

They both have their places of course but live recording always gives an organic feeling.

Collaborations or solo work?

I think collaborations are the key to self-improvement and it’s always great to bounce off ideas with other producers.

DJ Mert Butuner
Guitar or piano?

I learnt to play both but nothing beats piano in my opinion!

Finally – new Mert or old Mert?

Always improving, so always new Mert.



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