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This YouTube Channel For Music Producers Is Eco-Friendly, Meet Cadjano



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Today there can be no more excuses that limit you to building a recording studio. Cadjano‘s YouTube channel for music producers encourages you to have your own facility with recyclables materials.

Yes, you read it right, thanks to eco-friendly items at the lowest possible cost you can achieve your dreams. And best of all, without compromising the high-end quality of your songs. (Watch these amazing tutorials and subscribe here.)

Hailing from Germany, Cadjano started this project last year in March. According to the artist himself, there’s no need to buy new materials. Indeed, you can find useful stuff while clearing up the clutter in your garage.

This not only saves you money, it also helps the planet.

Alternatively, his YouTube channel for music producers claims some second-hand equipment you buy on eBay or Craiglist is fully employable and clients at your studio won’t notice it.

Each new episode covers all steps, ranging from lighting to ventilation, and much more. How cool is that?

Evidently, the video above is sufficient proof of the wonders of a low-budget studio. In other words, the payoff is clear on his latest track “Scream My Name!. A brilliant Dance-Pop production that doesn’t fail to meet the industry’s standards for melody, smooth transitions, and additional interesting arrangements.



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