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Thomas Schoenberger’s Gaining An Audience By Addressing Loneliness Of Cyberspace



Thomas SchoenbergerThis video caught our attention, since we all know who Lenny Williams is (Tower of Power) The composer, Thomas Schoenberger wrote the song as “an ode to all the insomniacs, walled off by the cyber distance of Facebook, the anonymous nature of our cyber world, a place of cyber hermits, broken hearts and fear”. That’s a pretty heavy concept and the song is a heavy duty ballad to the brokenhearted. Bravo to Schoenberger for writing a song for the modern cyber-lonely.
I think this ballad is headed for stardom. By the 350,000 plus views since it’s release, it looks like the public is voting with their clicks. Produced by Grammy award winning producer Preston Glass.

By Erick Ycaza

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