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Three Legends Of The 90’s Eurorap Scene Are Back With “Why Can’t We”



Three Legends Of The 90's Eurorap Scene Are Back With "Why Can't We"
Those of you who grew up during the 90s should remember how fun was the Eurorap scene. Some artists that we can’t get out of our minds are Will G., B.G. The Prince of Rap and AK Swift. Certainly, all of them could be considered today as true legends. Now for the good news, they are back with the new single “Why Can’t We”. And that is exactly what I wonder, when, in fact, imagination has no limits to create new music. Their new EP released via DMN Records features a total of four tracks. The original stands out for its old-school vibe and solid rap verses. While a clear taste for modernity is, of course, evident through the remixes produced by Bmonde, Randy Norton and Remundo. In conclusion, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


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