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Three Must-Haves For DJs On Tour



Three Must-Haves For DJs On The Road
I get this a lot: How do you stay fit, eat well and not explode while on a tour? I’ve included my top three pieces of equipment below to help answer the call…

1 . Gym Bag

Self-explanatory. Without a full gym bag, your likelihood of exercising is slim to none. Heck, if we’re being honest, even when you intend on exercising, you’re not making any promises to actually do so, so let’s eliminate as many roadblocks as possible. Pack that bag with three pairs of athletic socks and boxers, a pair or two of sweats or shorts, and some loose fitting athletic tees. Anything comfy. On top of the clothes, a good pair of training shoes (for the gym) or running shoes (if you’re just running) is a must. No gym on this tour? Cool. Bring your stuff anyways and pack a skipping rope and travel roller for the DJ Star Workout you now have!

2. Cooler

Where do you plan on keeping the produce, peanut butter, and beer? (Just kidding about the last one — throw the lemons in there for your water instead.) Over the years, one of the best uses of space on every tour I’ve done was a medium-sized cooler. You can pile enough groceries in there with some ice to last to the next town, top things up, and keep on trucking at a fraction of the cost of buying KFC or McDonalds every three hours. Plus, the gang can just prep food on the go, so you can kill some drive time. Win-win.

3. Your Own Pillow

You’ve probably left the house without your pillow and there’s no turning back. I don’t know if there’s a greater faux pas in the world of touring. Your pillow brings a sense of home that’s key for keeping yourself sane and comfortable and minimizes physical wear and tear on your body. Recovery is key! I happened to think that it would be okay to tour across the South American continent without my pillow. Big mistake. Never again…

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