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Three Types Of HCG Diet Plans – Your Way To Lose Weight Easily



 Three Types Of HCG Diet Plans- Your Way To Lose Weight Easily
With the number of delicious cuisines and restaurants growing day by day, overeating, even more so, unhealthy eating has been engulfing the world. “I need to start losing weight” is a thought that hits us at least twice a day. Some people spend hours a day sweating it out at the gym, some prefer going the diet way and other simply use a combination of both.

HCG, standing for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone that indicates pregnancy. And now, this has started being used as a weight-loss stimulator. The HCG diet requires you to consume only 500 calories a day along with the HCG hormones. The diet is said to cause rapid weight loss, provided the guidelines are strictly followed.

 Three Types Of HCG Diet Plans- Your Way To Lose Weight Easily
There are 3 types of HCG diet plans in the market today; HCG diet injections, HCG drops and HCG pellets. Here is a brief description of each:

1. HCG diet injections

As you may know, our body contains lots of fats. Now, fats are not necessarily bad. Fats are protective of the crucial organs from mechanical injury. They are also highly nutritious. However, too much fat is where the problem lies. Excess fat gets deposited in parts around the stomach or thigh. These are what cause obesity and need to be pin-pointed and eliminated.

Consuming these HCG injections, also known as HCG shots, along with a low-calorie diet enable mobility of the excess fats and stimulate the loss of your weight.

The side effects of taking HCG diet injections are; acne, breast tenderness, irregularities in the menstrual cycle, ovarian pain.

2. HCG drops

Leptin is a hormone – that forms in fat cells – which stimulates the burning of fat deposits. The HCG drops target leptin to enable faster burning. In addition, it helps cut down your appetite to a large extent too.

The drops contain other boosters of metabolism that provide nutrition and helps quicker weight loss whilst retaining muscle tissues. Overall, these drops see to it that organs involved in metabolism of fat are operating well.

You must take the drops in prescribed amount. An excess is strict no. The drops make their way through the veins and tissues into the blood stream after which it starts doing its job. It is usually administered under the tongue but can be swallowed too.

The possible side effects of the drops include headaches, nausea, constipation, leg cramps and

3. HCG Pellets

HCG pellets can be consumed in the same way the drops are – placing them below the tongue. They work the same manner the other two types work and contains most of the same ingredients too.

These ingredients are graphites, amino acids, B vitamins, capsicum annuum, homeopathic HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) and fucus vesiculosus.

It is usually said that the HCG drops are the most preferred amongst the three, due to many reasons. Whichever type of HCG diet you choose, there are four phases in which this diet shows its effect. The HCG phases include loading, actual diet, stabilization, and maintenance.

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What Is The Importance Of SPF In Sunscreen Lotions?



What Is The Importance Of SPF In Sunscreen Lotions?

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Tanning during summertime to acquire a radiant look is a practice that prevails across the world, especially among the fair-skinned people who want to tone down the whiteness. But sun exposure comes with its risks, the most alarming being the risk of skin cancer from the sun’s UV rays. It manifests in the form of sunburn, which is the visible sign of skin damage that shows up by the redness of skin followed by peeling after a few days. Suntan increases the skin pigment, melanin, which changes in a tan color and a sign of skin damage. When the skin gets exposed to UV radiation of sunlight, the production of melanin goes up to protect the skin from further damage and darkens the skin within 48 hours, explains the skincare experts at Viviane Woodard.

Skin experts and dermatologists recommend the use of sunscreen lotion every day, even on cloudy days. Apply one ounce of sunscreen about 15-30 minutes before leaving home and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB radiation. The sunscreen’s effectiveness depends on its SPF or Sun Protection Factor, which is a measure of the extent of protection from the UV rays that you can expect.

More about SPF

Sunscreens contain a varied amount of SPF that usually ranges from 2 to 50 and an indication about how long it will take for your skin to get burned as compared to normal skin without using sunscreen. For example, if it takes 10 minutes for your skin to burn without any protection, applying sunscreen with SPF30 would mean that it will take 30 times more time for the skin to burn. It means that applying sunscreen with SPF 30 will allow you 5 hours before the skin gets burned.

© [franckreporter] /Getty Images

Sunscreens do not offer long time protection because it can quickly wear off due to contact with clothing and water exposure. Therefore, for all-round protection for a longer time when going out in the sun, you must reapply every 2-4 hours and more frequently if you are swimming or exercising.

UVA and UVB explained

UVA is long-wave ultraviolet rays that penetrate the thickest layer of skin, but UVB is short wave ultraviolet rays burns the surface layer of skin. UVA facilitates tanning but also makes the signs of aging visible in the form of brown spots and wrinkles. UVB rays are more harmful and do more serious damage because they cause sunburn, tanning, and premature aging. The biggest danger is that UVB can trigger skin cancer.

© [SEAN GLADWELL] /Getty Images

Although sunscreen protects the skin from the harms caused by sunlight, it might appear that one must use it only when going out on a sunny day but the truth is SPF in sunscreen takes care of the skin and prevents long-term damage and using sunscreen should be a part of your daily routine.

Because UV rays can penetrate through clouds, clothing, and windows, it is always good to use it every day.

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Things You Need To Know About Flight Insurance



Things You Need To Know About Flight Insurance
Most often than not, we tend to ignore the role flight insurance policies have to play while we are booking our tickets to our dream destination. We look forward to reaching the destination safe and on time but do not invest much in keeping ourselves insured. And this is probably one of the biggest mistakes that we could commit. You might not find yourself in an accident every day while taking the plane or lose a piece of baggage owing to the recklessness of the airline, but it only takes one second for things to go wrong. And when things actually do go wrong, you might not have the opportunity to repair the damages. Flight insurance comes handy in such situations. Therefore, be wise enough to have flight insurance and set things right with it. Now, with this article, we shall enlighten you on the role of flight insurance and how you could use it to your advantage.

What Is Airline Insurance?

While booking your airline tickets, you might find several add-on options that come along with the booking option. One of the options that you could and must avail is that of flight insurance. Flight insurance coverage, depending on the type of coverage and the price of your ticket, has several things to offer. It covers a passenger for not only the loss of valuables but also provides coverage in threatening life situations. Therefore, it is advisable to select the option of flight insurance when you are booking your tickets. You never know what turns your journey might take in its due course, which is why it is always advisable to stay prepared. Therefore, whether you are booking a domestic flight or a chartered flight, having a flight insurance coverage, according to some enlightening pieces in the Jettly blog, serves as a mandatory measure.

What Does Your Flight Insurance Entail?

Flight insurance policies might differ from each other, but there are a few points that still remain the same. Most of these policies are limited to events like the delay or unforeseen cancellation of flights, the loss of baggage and other valuables in the flight or any damage to your property while you are within the confines of the airport and the plane. In certain other situations, and depending upon the nature of the coverage, you or your family members might also be entitled to monetary compensation if you happen to find yourself in a life-threatening situation.

flight insurance work
Ways in Which Flight Insurance Work

It shall always bode well for you if you happen to know how flight insurance policies work. You need to be aware of the kind of situation you are dealing with, and the ways to avail the compensation if need be. Therefore, learn all that you can when you have the opportunity. One of the very first things to know about flight insurance is that you will first have to file a complaint with the airline when you face a loss of valuables or any of the circumstances as mentioned earlier in the section. You are first entitled to the compensation received directly from the airlines. Your flight insurance shall cover the gap that remains to be filled in by the airlines. Therefore, having a flight insurance coverage helps you gain doubly-one from the airlines and the other from the insurance agent.


Airline insurance plans are often ignored and not paid much attention to. No one really likes to think of a time when they might have to undergo the hassles of claiming for compensation, let alone imagining oneself being in an unfortunate event while taking a flight. But accidents do happen and sometimes all one can do is take charge of the situation and march forwards. Therefore, it is important to have the right measures at one’s disposal so that if a time as such comes, when we need to keep calm and not lose our nerves, we can act with much bravado and turn the odds to our favour.

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Undisputed Health Reasons Women Should Start Lifting Weights



lifting weights

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Few people say that women should not exercise like men, especially when it comes to lifting weights. Well, irrespective of their reasons and logic behind, several studies have proved that there are lots of health benefits that women can gain through regular exercise, even weight lifting.

As it is, regular physical activity is suitable for any person, women, children, and of course, men. Everybody seems to know that as well. But what they do not know is how good it is for them. Well, studies of Mayo Clinic have revealed that regular exercise helps in:

• Toning your muscles
• Keep you fit and agile
• Improves your mood and even
• Boosts your sex life!

You will feel better and have more energy throughout the day. The best part of it is that you can even add years to your life. Therefore, start exercising daily, if you are not into it yet. It will not only help you to control your weight but will also help you to combats many different health conditions and diseases such as:

• Stroke
• High blood pressure
• Metabolic syndrome
Type 2 diabetes
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Arthritis and even
• Many types of cancer.

woman lifting weights

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It will increase high-density lipoprotein or HDL cholesterol, decrease harmful triglycerides, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and even prevent falls.

Reason to include lifting weights in your regimen

One significant reason that women should consist of lifting weights in their training schedule just as men do is that women do much better on a higher fat diet, according to research. This means that:

• Women burn more fat, less protein, and carbohydrate than men for the same exercise and intensity. Therefore, with lees on carbohydrate fuel, women also do not store as much glycogen as men during carb refeeds.
• Another reason is that there is a significant difference in the nervous system of women as compared to that of men. They also differ in the hormonal system along with estrogen. All these though may make people suggest that women should not exercise like men, but do not worry.

Since women do not rely less on glycogen in comparison to men, adrenalin burns are more in women, especially in fat women, than men.
It is due to this difference in protein and glycogen sparing metabolism women need fewer carbohydrates or protein in their diet as men for fueling their exercise sessions.

Benefits of strength training

Especially when women reach fifty, they need more strength and balance to prevent falls. It is for this reason strength training and weight lifting are necessary. This will result in greater coordination of the messages emitted from the central nervous system with the ever-shrinking muscle fiber, both in number as well as in size or atrophy.

Apart from that, there are also a few additional benefits of strength training and weight lifting apart from getting a significant boost in health.

These are:

• It will help in reverse aging: This depends on several factors such as diet, genetics, alcohol use, and smoking apart from the degree of muscle atrophy and physical activity level. Strength training will reduce muscle atrophy and age-associated muscle loss to reverse aging due to fewer shrunken muscle fibers.
• It will strengthen bones: With an increase in bone mass, the risk of developing fractures and osteoporosis will be reduced significantly.
• It will ease joint pain: Strength training is suitable for people who have arthritis. Stress goes to the joints directly, helping to alleviate the  symptoms with strengthened muscles, ligaments, and tendons that are around the joints, though it will not reverse arthritic changes. Arthritis Foundation and several rheumatologists, in fact, recommends weight training in older women patients who have arthritis.

© [Ammentorp Photography] /Alamy

In short, it will better your quality of life, helping you to live independently and perform everyday tasks. You will even sleep better to improve your mood.

Other health and fitness benefits

Lifting weights will also provide you with other significant benefits, which is why experts, doctors, and trainers suggest weight lifting exercises for women. You may even find a few blogs on how to look beautiful in sites like wherein such exercises may be included.

• You will have muscles that will look much more defined, lean, and make you look super-fit. Since women cannot have bigger muscles even if they lift heavier weights due to low testosterone levels, their muscles will look more defined while lifting heavyweights.
• When it comes to burning fat and calories, lifting weight is a much better option than cardio. According to a study report of The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, it is found that women burn 100 more calories on average in 24 hours after lifting weights during their training session.

© [Ammentorp Photography] /Alamy

You will also be able to prevent injuries and improve your flexibility. Therefore, join a weight lifting session rather than in a yoga class.

Try challenging weights

Experts also say that women should not only do weight lifting but must also try challenging weights. They support their opinion with the different effects that it would have on the health, physique, fitness level as well as in their personality primarily. They say that:

• It will build confidence pretty quickly as you will be able to see yourself what you are capable of doing. The joy in achievement and the excitement do the magic.
• It will help you to come out of your comfort zone not only in your exercise but in all aspects of life. You will find new ways to challenge yourself and come out of it.

Most importantly, it will help you to build and retain a body that you want to.

A word of caution to end

When you start with your weight lifting exercise, make sure that you do it under the supervision of a qualified trainer or a fitness specialist. They will set up a program according to your physical ability and also explain the basics.

Most importantly, do not be over adventurous to gain more benefits ion a short time. Listen to your instructor always and be patient to see the results.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms



Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

© [PjrStudio] /Alamy

What is that one superpower that has the entire planet under its tight clasp? Humans have been running on the track of life by fleetingly passing every stage of development. Striving in the times of extreme digitalism to revel in limitless fortune; the motto of every living soul would be to live that life and earn the most out of every opportunity. Digitalization has brought about plenty of radical changes to the different realms that form the world. The wheels of digitalism are driving the economy now. With the advent of cryptocurrency came the era of intangible money. The concept of currency took that sharp turn from our pockets onto the screens in front of us. While many are well acquainted with the technology, many others are yet to embark on the digital expedition. Once you start using digital money, learning about cryptocurrency exchange platforms is crucial. CryptoEvent is one right place to begin your crypto journey and learn about the updates happening around the globe.

About Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

In the past, money exchange meant the working of stock exchanges or exchange of currency through banks and exchange companies (in airports and cities). The concept of trade has changed with the change in the format of money. A cryptocurrency exchange functions by sticking to the fundamental principles of conventional exchanges. They are online platforms where the trade of cryptocurrency has been enabled by exchanging it with the traditional currencies like Euro or US Dollars, or with other digital currencies. For the occasional trading purposes, signing up into these platforms is not required. But logging into such platforms is essential to handle professional trades. To sign up into these platforms, you will need to enter your necessary details, verify them, and create an account.

types of exchanges

© [Peter Galleghan] /Alamy

Types of Exchanges

• Trading Platforms:- In this platform, each transaction between the buyer and seller is charged with a fee.
• Direct trading:- The exchange rate of the transactions made through this platform is not fixed by any external force but by the sellers themselves. In this type of exchange platform, the trading is done between the buyer and seller directly without the intervention of a third party.
• Brokers:- Foreign exchange dealers are the muse for cryptocurrency brokers. These websites are the ones that facilitate the buying of the currency at the broker’s rate.

Working of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

The cryptocurrency exchange platforms have a centralized approach, which means that an external organization handles the money transactions. Many of the users were averse to the idea of inclusion of a third party into the transaction process. But, the complete process is managed flawlessly by these organizations without leaving any margin for error. Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are as equally trustworthy as traditional banks. Most of the principles of the online exchanges are similar to that of the bank. One type of centralized exchange platform is the synchronous exchange, where small-scale transactions are made quickly. Whereas the large-scale transactions will take considerable time, and failures are more likely to occur in the trade while trying to execute the purchase.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

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Asynchronous exchange is another type of centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform where the transaction requests are gathered and queued, which is then analyzed, and each request is executed independently. Unlike in the synchronous exchange, this type brings down the scope for failure to an insignificant level.

Check these before signing up into an exchange

1. Before opting a particular exchange, its reputation must be checked. Many platforms and online websites are available where you can look up the reviews of various exchange platforms. Several forums are also open where any form of queries regarding cryptocurrency
can be put up.
2. Each exchange will charge different rates for the transactions made. Make sure to check all details regarding the fees that the exchange charges.
3. The payment method matters a lot since it is through these payment platforms that we transfer money. Check the payment methods that are available on the exchange platform that you are planning to opt. It is compulsory to complete identity verification before moving cash via credit card.
4. Since some exchange platforms have geographical limitations always make sure to check if the platform that you are planning to use is available in your country.


Moving into the age of digital money, adapting to the change is imperative. The future is secure within the digital wallets and the money exchange platforms through which your assets are transferred. Make sure to pick the wallets and exchange platforms that suit your requirements. Before taking that first step to the field of cryptocurrency, a comprehensive study about its working is highly recommended.

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Essential Dating Tips For Gay Guys Who Are Shy



gay guys shy

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Dating when you are shy isn’t always easy. Whether you are looking for a one-night stand or a full-blown relationship, however, there are some strategies that you can use to overcome your shyness. Check out the dating tips for gay guys who are shy below.

Everyone gets nervous on a first date, no matter how sure of themselves they are. Feeling anxious is natural when you start dating. In fact, it is part of what makes dating so exciting. A great icebreaker to get some confidence try phone sex numbers. Keep reading for some advice on how to make a connection no matter how shy you are.

1. Let Your Date Know That You Are Shy

When you first meet your new date, let them know that you are shy. They probably will be able to tell anyway. If you try to hide it, it will only make you more nervous, which could make it harder for you to have fun on your date.

© [Anna Koldunova] /Alamy

2. Take A Positive View Of Your Shyness

Instead of hating being shy, why not view it as a positive character trait? Shy people tend to be better listeners. On a date, that means that you will usually be more in touch with how the other person is feeling. Your shyness could even add to your charm, making your date want to get to know you further.

3. You Have A Lot Of Other Great Traits Besides Shyness

As a gay man, your personality is defined by more than just one character trait. Think about the things that make you unique or interesting. If you have trouble identifying positive character traits in yourself, try asking your friends to let you know what they like about you. Think about their positive comments and decide whether or not you agree with their assessment of your personality. By focusing on your positive traits instead of getting too hung up on being shy, you can let your date know that there is a lot more to your personality waiting to be discovered.

© [moodboard] /Alamy

Another tip: Don’t just rattle off a list of all of your character traits. Instead, mention that you are shy early on. Then, allow your other traits to come to the surface throughout the rest of your date.

4. Come Up With Some Conversation Topics Before Your Date

When you are shy, trying to hold a conversation can be difficult. It is important, however, to talk during your date so that the other person has a chance to get to know you. To increase your confidence, try having a few questions or conversation topics in mind ahead of time. Think about anything interesting that you have recently done in your life or about your hobbies or interests. Talking about things that you like will naturally make you feel more at ease. When you prepare ahead of time, you are less likely to get caught off guard by awkward silences.

5. Shy Guys Are About More Than Just Words

Confident guys tend to spend a lot of their time talking, which means that they have less time for taking action. Shy guys, on the other hand, are more likely to do things instead of just talking about them.

© [LightField Studios Inc.] /Alamy

6. View Things From Your Date’s Perspective

Imagine that your date is going great and you are interested in taking things to the next level. Putting yourself out there and making a move can be frightening. Try to view the situation from your date’s perspective. How would you feel if he took your hand? If you like the idea, he most likely does, as well. Since you already let him know that you are shy, it will have even more of an impact if you reach out and take his hand. If you do, three different things may happen:

1. He is happy that someone so shy took his hand and he gladly takes yours, as well. From here, things will usually progress to a first kiss by the end of the evening.

2. Even if he doesn’t want to hold your hand, he will most likely grasp it for a short time and then will let it go, continuing the conversation as if the whole thing never happened. If something like that occurs, he probably isn’t very into you. It is no big deal – not every date works out.

3. He was trying to decide whether or not he liked you or whether to hold your hand. Your boldness, however, impresses him, and he starts thinking about how the rest of the evening will go.

No matter the outcome, reaching for his hand will let you know where you stand and could lead to great things.

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