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“My Growth As An Artist Has Been Hand-In-Hand With My Personal Growth” — Tiggi Hawke Interview



tiggi hawke
UK Pop artist Tiggi Hawke has teamed up with DJs/Producers, the Cowens Brothers to create a brilliant summer anthem. I’m talking about, “Remedy”, which is packed with infectious beats and strong hooks. Read her full interview with Electro Wow to learn more.

1 — How do you think you have grown as an artist over the years?

More than I ever imagined, to be honest! I think my growth as an artist has been hand-in-hand with my personal growth, I feel more confident and sure of my artistic style than I ever have been before. It’s definitely been a case of finding where I want to be and aiming for it. That said, my goal is always moving and evolving, having people around me who have supported me since day 1 has been invaluable in realizing that!

2 —Was your family always supportive since the start of your music career?

100%. When I finally made the decision to start down my own artist path, I did expect some resistance but I have never been more happily surprised, they have all been there for me in the ups and downs and helped pick me up when I’ve needed it the most. I can honestly say, without the help and support of my family and my friends (and my cat), I would never have gotten this far!

3 — Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics?

I definitely take the majority of my inspiration from my own life or from that of people close to me, I find it’s much easier to access those emotions and experiences if you’ve felt them yourself or if someone close to you has had a similar experience. That said, every experience is unique to the person who has experienced it so I try to make sure that it’s accessible to anyone who hears it, instead of being something that only I can relate to!

4 — How different is your new single “Remedy” from your previous hit “Dangerous Behaviour”?

For me, the main difference between the 2 singles is that “Dangerous Behaviour” is about abandoning any sense of control or responsibility and just going with how this person is making you feel. “Remedy” is very heartfelt and about opening up to someone who you want to help, whether it’s a friend or a partner, even when they don’t think they need help which is something I’ve been on both sides of!

5 — What was it like working with the Cowens Brothers for this release?

It was amazing, they’re both insanely talented and 2 of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. We finally met in person in Belgium to film the music video for “Remedy” and got on like a house on fire! Every time we’ve performed “Remedy” has been so much fun, they’re such a pleasure to work with.

cowens brothers
6 — Is “Remedy” the song of summer 2018?

It is for me!

7 – What has been the feedback from the music industry so far regarding this track?

So far, I think so good! That said, what’s most important for me though is what the people who have followed my career and my music feel when they hear it. Everyone’s support has been instrumental in me getting to where I am now, including the belief that people in the music industry have placed in me. I really hope I can continue to reach more and more people and develop my career with them!

tiggi hawke interview
8 — What’s the best remedy to get our creativity back?

Get outside! Getting some fresh air and taking my mind off things is vital for me, I’m a huge fan of mediation and meditative activities because it really helps me forget that I’m not being creative! I love photography, so getting out to take some pictures is my perfect “Remedy”. Oh, don’t forget to watch some guilty pleasure TV too. Life’s a balance, I reckon!

9 — Any new music or live shows coming soon?

Absolutely. I can’t wait to release my next single, it’s all lined up and ready to go! I have gigs in London and Europe coming up, I always post about it on my Instagram, so I’d love to see you there!

10 — Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I genuinely have no idea. If I can keep doing what I’m doing for as long as possible and reach as many people as possible, I’ll be happy. I try to take things one day at a time and try to enjoy it as it goes!



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