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Tips For Creating A Memorable Wedding Playlist



wedding playlist
There are so many decisions that need to be made for the wedding reception, that it can be quite easy to overlook the actual ceremony. Of course, that is what your entire special day is really about. You want it to be as special and unique as the rest of your wedding day. Music is one of the best ways to add atmosphere and personality to your wedding ceremony this includes before, during, and after you say “I do!”

The following are our best tips to help you get the music for your wedding ceremony just right:

Build Up Anticipation Many brides have a tendency to forget about the fact that usually there is half an hour at least to fill before their arrival at the church or wedding venue. This time can often be tense. The guests are just beginning to arrive and won’t be settled in yet, and the groom may be nervous. Having some nice music can really help to break the ice and ease the atmosphere. A playlist with your favorite music being played through speakers or a solo instrumentalist performing love songs can both work very well.

Make Your Grand Entrance Maybe you have always pictured yourself walking down the aisle with “Here Comes The Bride” playing. However, there are many other beautiful pieces you can use for your entrance. The length of your song needs to coordinate with how long your aisle is. You don’t want to have to wait too long for the song to be finished. Having a live vocalist can add a nice touch.

Hold A Sing-A-Long You will probably be including a few hymns in your ceremony if you are getting married inside a church. Your vicar should be able to assist you with selecting hymns that are suitable if you don’t already have any in mind. If your wedding is going to be held at a registry office or venue, you won’t be able to include any religious music. However, you can always have an old-fashioned sing-a-long to have your guests to join in. “It Must Be Love,” “L.O.V.E” and “All You Need Is Love” are all excellent options, and everyone should know the words!

Sing A Song One place that provides a great opportunity for introducing some meaningful music is when you are signing the register. One or maybe two songs should be more than enough music to fill the time and keep your guests entertained while you are taking care of the legal stuff.

Leave On A High Note– Your recessional should be one big celebration- so be sure that the song you will be walking out to is a reflection of that. Crank up the volume and dance away as a just-married couple.

You should start to compile a playlist of songs that are meaningful to you and get your better half to do the same thing. In no time at all you will have an incredible selection of songs to choose from. You can either make your final selections together or surprise one another by selecting songs for various parts of the ceremony without telling your partner. That way they will hear the songs for the very fist time on your actual wedding day!

By Erick Ycaza

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style. Surprisingly, I have been blogging and writing about music since 2007.