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Tips On How To Be Fashionable And Bring The Best In You



There is no doubt that the fashionable you is the best you. It underlines your plus points and covers up your weak ones. Hair trends, clothes, tattoos, and even hats seem to be matters of great concern for any person. Here are some of the best tips on how to become fashionable.

Be creative

Having the correct information is essential when wanting to be fashionable, as some people tend to buy the most expensive designer items but do not always know how to put together an outfit. Being creative is usually a good thing and one should not be reluctant to try new things.

Choose clothes that fit your personality

The most important rule is to choose things that fit your personality and fit you. Enjoying the clothes you buy and wear is far most important than keeping up with the trends. Clothing options are wide enough to offer variants for everyone.

Know your body type and skin

Your body type, skin, and hair color should be the main things you take into consideration when you pick out your clothes. The trend that fits everyone does not exist, thus, try to find something that is both appropriate for your style but also hides the various flaws you may have.

Choose colors that best complement your skin

Know the colors that look good on you but don’t stick to them throughout the year. That way you will turn yourself into just a nobody. Mix and match with the texture, pattern, and quality of fabric to bring out the real you. Colors are not just of a contrasting nature, they can be supplementary, complementary and intermediary to cascade a whole range of emotions.

Make sure your clothes fit you

One cannot overemphasize the importance of ensuring that the clothes you buy fit you nicely. A nice fitted outfit is neither loose nor tight but something that leaves you feeling comfortable and confident. In case you end up with something that is too big for you then don’t hesitate to get it altered to your size. Most shops allow you to exchange the wrong size for the right one so exercise this option.

Ask for advice

Don’t be reluctant to ask your friends or older brothers for advice, but be careful not to allow yourself to be influenced too much by what others say or you will end up having clothes you dislike. Trust yourself and your sense of style more than anything else. In the end, you will be the one wearing the clothes.

Be yourself

Being fashionable is mainly embracing who you are. There is no point in being a crow flaunting the feathers of the peacock. This is where browsing will help you to choose exactly what suits your age and stature from top to toe. Being properly dressed will add to your self-confidence; by ‘dress’ means everything from clothes to accessories. This holds true for both men and women.

Look for pre-set style options

These days many websites showcase various style options for shoppers to choose from. So instead of you worrying about matching different clothes and accessories, the site does it for you. All you need to do is zero in on a look you like and pick up a whole set of items that are on display.

To be fashionable, you must shop

Big malls and online clothes shops provide their customers with a wide range of clothing from which one can select the most appropriate items. You will be able to find something for every budget, style or body type.

There are many things to consider when you are trying to look good and fashionable. Your style has everything to do with how good you are going to look. The best thing you can do when you want to look fashionable is to pay attention to the colors in your wardrobe, the type of clothing you normally wear, and your hairstyle. These are helpful tips that can help you look fashionable all the time.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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