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Tips To Have More Energy At Work



Tips To Have More Energy At Work
Whether you usually have a hard time focusing each morning or even the midafternoon slumps dragging you down leaving you to feel tired, irritable, or distracted during work, it is never good for your performance or even wellbeing – or even the interaction with the people you work with. Below are some great tips that will help you remain energized at work.

Always get a good night sleep

Lack of sleep can be linked to effect on the memory and ability to focus – and both of these have a big impact on your performance when working, and this is according to the National Sleep Foundation. You should make sure you have gotten enough sleep every single night if you are interested in maintaining your level of concentration and performance in everything you do daily.

get a good night sleep
There are many different places that will advise you to get about eight hours of sleep every night, but the National Sleep Foundation says the exact hours of sleep varies from one person to the next. A good way to know whether you are getting enough sleep is observing how you feel during the day. If you find that you lack energy during the day, consider adding an hour to your sleep and getting more time on your Walmart mattress and see whether it will improve your performance. Once you have known how much sleep your body needs, ensure you have gotten enough sleep on weeknights.

Add proteins to your breakfast diet

According to SF Gate, when you consume a breakfast that has 10 to 35 percent carbs, then you will be satisfied and you will have energy till lunch. The amino acids that are found in the proteins will help in waking the brain up and keeping it alert. Even if you don’t like taking breakfast, consider having a glass of milk, latte, or even yogurt before you go to work.

Decluttering and organizing your workspace

Clutter has been shown to make a person feel overwhelmed, and can even be worse when you are feeling tired or stressed. The first thing you should do when you get to your desk is organizing and decluttering your space by cleaning up the disk and organizing your emails and decluttering anything inside your cubicle. You will end up feeling like you are more in control of your environment and also leave you feeling energized after you have completed the task.

Take a real lunch break

If you are the type of person to skip your lunch or get it on your desk, then you are not helping yourself. If you are the type of person to demand eight hours of concentration form the brain regularly, then you will notice burnout and fatigue creeping up on you. When it is lunchtime, get up and go for lunch somewhere else such as a café, a park, or even go to the gym.

Moving around

If you want to elevate your mood or even reversing the negative attitude, then you should consider moving around. Some simple ones include holding the chin up, breathing deeply, and making large and expansive motions like waving the arms and smiling. This will help because these movements will help in decreasing cortisol, which is the stress hormone and boosting the good hormones in the brain. You might need to look for a space like a stairwell or a bathroom, but just a few seconds can make a lot of difference.

Changing the scene

Changing the surroundings can be all you need to remain positive and alert. There are some studies that have linked consistent, sedentary work with lower levels of productivity and changing the scene on a regular basis can help in boosting energy, productivity, and focus. If you want to change your surroundings, a simpler way is taking a short walk, even if it is to the water cooler, consider having conversation with other colleagues, and if you are not able to leave your desk, do task that will require you to interact with other humans, and this can be like returning calls or answering emails.

Changing your posture

Slouching has been shown to cause a person to feel depressed and have lower energy levels, so you should be adjusting the office chair until you get to a good posture. Even if you have a good posture, consider switching the desk for an exercise ball, or even standing for a little bit. When you don’t have a backrest, it forces the body into a better posture, and this will have an impact on your energy levels and your mood.


Drinking a glass of water can go a long way. Dehydration can leave the body feeling tired, depressed, distracted, and also give headaches. Make sure you hydrate throughout the day, and this is by drinking water and fluids such as soup, smoothies, and juice.

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