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Tired Of Cheesy Love Songs? Try Kristen Rae Bowden’s New Single



Hey, Happy Valentine’s Day! I bet you’ve had enough of all those cheesy love songs, right? Well, guess what, Kristen Rae Bowden dares to break the mold and has got something different for you!

Her latest track, “Hard To Love, is perfect for all those disillusioned romantics. Besides, the Indie Pop-Rock sound will have you hooked in no time.

If you’ve ever experienced heartbreak, the lyrics of “Hard To Love” will also hit you in the feels. Kristen’s genuine words are incredibly relatable bringing back memories of the ups and downs of past relationships.

Without question, it’s as if she knows your soul and speaks to it directly. And perhaps, the best anti-Valentine’s Day anthem of the last few years…

Kristen Rae Boden

Certainly, the music video for “Hard To Love” is pretty unique. The visuals transport you to a neon world full of glowing colors that beautifully capture the concept of this original tune.

At the end of the day, “Hard To Love” is a powerful reminder that your affectionate life is not always easy and that it requires constant effort to keep the flames burning.

Anyways, sing it out loud, and let the verses be the escape for all the bottled-up feelings you’ve been holding onto!



By Erick Ycaza

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