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To People Who Want Optimistic Songs, Here’s “Blue Trolley”



There’s no formula for writing hits, however, optimistic songs have a good chance of becoming memorable. With “Blue Trolley” by Alex Genadinik you’ll soon realize a strong message and quality often go together.

As a matter of fact, the original lyrics belong to Bulat Okudzhava, a prominent poet of the last century. On this occasion, Alex translates beautiful Russian verses to be sung on the basis of collective kindness.

With that in mind, “Blue Trolley” embodies the feelings of people who face loneliness and seek comfort while taking public transportation. Also, according to science, being in the company of strangers and varying your environment have a positive impact.

The melody of “Blue Trolley” is like a mirror reflecting those scenarios. If you’re into relatable songs, you’ll agree with me on this.

optimistic songs

Furthermore, optimistic songs wield a lot of power in changing your mood. Naturally, I think this is the ultimate purpose as optimism is the foundation of courage.

And even when you’re down, Alex’s music can inspire you to reach the impossible or reveal your potential. Above all, the gorgeous acoustics will conquer your ears.

On a side note, the New York-based artist is making a name for himself thanks to his poetry book, which is a collection of tunes full of delightful experiences. In effect, no one can deny his words always resonate with universally felt emotions, of whatever form.

Chances are, you won’t see these compositions topping mainstream charts, even though they’ll be spinning around in your brain once you feel connected with its context.

For more powerful songs about life visit his socials down here. Best of all, when a lyric line fits the situation it slips quite easily into your enthusiastic reception.



By Erick Ycaza

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