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Top 5 Men Wedding Suits Of 2018



Top 5 Men Wedding Suits Of 2018
A suit in a man’s wardrobe is like a small black dress in a woman’s one. Previously, almost nobody gave much attention to the man wedding suit. Nowadays, every man who is preparing for such an important step as marriage, for example, to one of the Victoria Brides, should know the current trends and get a couple of ideas under the belt.

After all, the image of the bridegroom at the wedding ceremony is equally essential for the great wedding photos and sweet memories of this special day. So, think about stylish men wedding suit in advance in order to make the right choice in the future.
The main trends of the men wedding suits.

A man who is going to get married in 2018 should necessarily show his personhood. The capacity to wisely match the items of clothing is the fashion trend of the coming wedding season.

1. Three-piece suit

A three-piece suit is a confident front-runner in lieu of last year’s leader, a two-piece wedding suit, and it breaks into the world of men’s wedding fashion. A waistcoat adds additional refinement to the image of a stylish bridegroom. Models of suit jackets have become a source of disagreement among designers. Some of them prefer single-breasted while the others choose double-breasted one because they think it is more comfortable for wearing. However, fashion designers unanimously prefer expensive high-quality fabrics and elegant waistcoat trim.

Three-piece suit
2. Tuxedo

This is a choice of aristocrats. This vintage style is emphasized by black or dark-blue tuxedo in combination with an ultra-white shirt. If you choose a bow tie, it will be a perfect accessory. Cummerbund or suspenders are the best choices for a holistic image, forget about your belt at least for a while. In 2018, satin side trouser stripes are an inherent part of men’s trousers in the men wedding suit. Your fashionable look will be completed if you choose matte shoes, otherwise, patent leather shoes can make the image of the bridegroom look cheaper. Tuxedo will be the best solemn option.


3. Suit with a bright print and with a 3D effect

This year, a bright print with a 3D effect is represented in the wedding collections of men suits from all main fashion designers. The check and strip, combined with baggy trousers surely take a leading position in the men wedding fashion. Besides, floristic motifs are a frequent phenomenon at the fashion shows. Brand inscriptions, as well as geometric abstractions, are also in vogue this year. Dynamics in men wedding suits attract a great interest to the image of the bridegroom.

Suit with a bright print
men suits 2018
4. Suit of intense and peculiar color

The black and dark-blue men wedding suits lose their leading position, they are gradually replaced by more bold combinations and shades. Certainly, in 2018, the front-runner of the new season is the fashionable men wedding suit of deep emerald color, both in independent and combined performance. In the classical versions, white and black remain the main colors.

5. Single-breasted suit

Special attention is devoted to the waistline. A priority is for single-breasted suit jackets with one or two buttons. A single-breasted suit will never go out of fashion. It is considered the most common one. Such a suit will match the classical style and emphasize the masculinity of the owner. The pithiness of this option allows you to choose a suit jacket in any color you like and decorate it with stylish accessories for the bridegroom. It is an excellent choice for middle-aged men. However, if you are a tall and slender man, then you should better choose a double-breasted suit without a waistcoat. Despite all the trends, first of all, you should feel comfortable and choose what you like most.

Single-breasted suit

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