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Top 5 Websites Offering Playlists & Music For Runners



Top 5 Websites Offering Playlists For Runners
Here’s a great article for runners who are looking to download music playlists on the net. In particular, for running, music is best used in wide open spaces where there are no vehicles to run people down or people to collide with—on cross-country trails, on long sandy beaches, in parks.

People who live in urban areas should not use music players at night, because this places them at heightened risk. Notwithstanding the various safety recommendations, being in an open space, basking in the splendor of nature, and having this experience augmented by a fitting musical backdrop can create a movie moment.

Top 5 Websites Offering Playlists & Music For Runners

There has been an ongoing debate between those who support the use of music during running and running purists who claim that music distracts from the pleasure of running and should be avoided. My view is that music has multiple uses and the following websites will offer you the ideal music playlists for this healthy activity.

Top 5 Websites Offering Playlists For Runners

1 – Run2Rhythm (

Specially composed running music suitable for auditory–motor synchronization.

2 – Audiofuel (

Specially composed running music with coach voice-over to promote synchronous use.

3 – JogTunes (

Allows you to create playlists based on your target running pace; ideal for auditory–motor synchronization.

4 – RockMyRun (

DJ mixes of well-known tracks that contour the physical demands of runs of various lengths and intensities.

5 – 8Tracks (

Free music-streaming service with playlists designed by people and not algorithms; wide range of mixes for a variety of workout modes.

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