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Top 50 Underground DJs Of 2016



Top 50 Underground DJs Of 2016
What an incredible year 2016 has been for the underground scene of electronic dance music. I have found a list of the Top 50 underground DJs on planet Earth. Of course, it is not very natural for a fan of underground culture to validate the concept of voting and to commit himself to a particular DJ. So, for the first time, there’s finally a “sub-list” with the underground DJ’s who appareantly received the most votes somewhere in the world wide web. Which ultimately gives an order that may sometimes surprise, for again it is exclusively based on the votes of the public and not on another logic. The absence of Dixon, The Resident Advisor ranking for two years, is the best example of this lack of logic, underlining the fact that the most popular in a certain community are not necessarily in the eyes of all…

Top 50 Underground DJs Of 2016

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