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Top Music Downloads So Far, This Month



Top Music Downloads So Far, This Month
You may be wondering to yourself if there are good songs to put you in that spring feeling. Well, let me be the first person to inform you all about the top music downloads so far this month. We all want to have that amazing spring feeling and now with these songs, you can. Below I have detailed the top music downloads so far, this month to put you in a joyful spring mood.

“Symphony” by Clean Bandit featuring Zara Larsson

The song symphony is a nice change to music today as it has brought back classical Pop to the mainstream music scene. The classical Pop tune is by the musical group Clean Bandit featuring vocals from the Lush Life singer Zara Larsson. Symphony will be the third single from the Clean Bandit’s future second album, and the song was also featured as the sixth single from the Swedish singer Zara Larsson’s second album which is entitled,”So Good.” The song was included in Larsson’s album as the final bonus track on the album which was listed as the fifteenth track overall on the pop album. The song topped multiple charts in the world, for example, it was the fifth single of Larsson’s to top the Swedish charts, and the track also made number one on the Belgium’s top one hundred’s singles. For the song to become as successful as it did both Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson had to promote the single, and they did this by performing the single live on the popular UK television show,” The Voice,” on the 28th of March 2017.

“Galway Girl” by Ed Sheeran

The single “Galway Girl” is also a nice change to the mainstream Pop scene as it has brought back folk Pop to the mainstream music scene. The folk-pop inspired track is by the popular English Pop singer Ed Sheeran for his latest album, and on the 17th of March 2017, it was announced that the track would be the third single from his new album. The song was co-written with the Irish band Beoga which featured parts of the band’s song,” Minute 5,” in the Ed Sheeran track. Although the track has been doing incredibly well on the charts, it did not have a good start in the post-production of the album. For example, Sheeran’s record labels Asylum and Atlantic were scared to release the track as they were quoted saying that they thought the track, ” Wasn’t the coolest thing.” However, Sheeran fought to have the track on his album and thankfully both record labels agreed to have the song featured on the album. The single has been such a success that it is currently the number one track in Ireland and it is now sitting on the number two track in the UK behind Symphony by Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson. It is also worth noting that this single on the online streaming music service Spotify is the most streamed song of his new album.

“Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran

To conclude, this is the second track of Ed Sheeran’s to be featured on the top ten of the UK singles this week. The single is of course in typical Sheeran style in the Pop genre, but with this track, he has put a spin on it by adding elements of Tropical House throughout the track. This has been Ed Sheeran’s most successful single to date as it has reached number one in over thirty different countries. The story of the song goes by Sheeran finding romance in a bar while he and his friends are doing shots. The track was the last song that was written for his 2017 album. The song was so popular that it has over half a billion views on Youtube and it also has an official remix. The official remix was by the British rapper Stormzy and the remixed track debuted during Sheeran’s and Stormzy’s performance at 2017 The Brit Awards which took place at The O2. The remix of the famous tune became so popular that it managed to reach number one on The Vodaphone Big Top 40. It is also important to include that the song has also been remixed by famous DJs such as Major Lazer and Galantis.

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DeMute Unveils Beautiful Chill Melodies To Listen To After A Breakup



chill melodies produced by Demute
“The Door”
by DeMute is a beautiful song that evokes memories and brings back nostalgic times instantly. In some way, the chill melodies become the best companion to examine the past. If I’m not mistaken, “The Door” talks about someone who wants to repair a broken relationship. Essentially, lyrics offer vivid imagery and strong emotions, which is enough to capture your ear.

This time the British talent who is also known for producing EDM gems intertwines chill melodies with Pop. Magically, here the piano keys put listeners in a trance. What’s more, the vocalist conveys the message of a wounded heart that yearns to be back with his lover. If you’re actually going through the ups and downs of a breakup, “The Door” will be so relatable on many levels. Stream it below via Spotify.

Learn More About DeMute

– Location

– What are you known for?
Fusing EDM, House, Chill-House, and Pop.

– Have you collaborated with a popular producer or artist?
Yes, TaySounds (

– Have you received coverage in local or international media?
As a DJ, I was featured on Pulse Radio.

– How much experience or expertise do you have in music?
Over 10 years of experience.

– Studies?
My father was a professional musician and use to play in the famous Cavern where the Beetles played.

– Music Influences, genre
Anything EDM but love listening to Funk D’Void.

– Aspirations or hopes
My mission is to release great music that people enjoy.

– Achievements or awards, accomplishments
Ghost collaborated with a few artists that became hits.

– Other interesting details about your life and personality 
I live for music.

– Album release date
Coming soon.

– Record label or Indie
Zobe Records & Indie.



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Meet Nathan Fink, An Emerging Indie Musician From East Tennessee



Nathan Fink - Sunshine From The Rain
Hailing from East Tennessee, Nathan Fink is making his mark on the indie music scene with “Sunshine From The Rain. The extraordinary debut single from the emerging musician enters the category of acoustic soft songs. Working at a chemical lab by day, writing songs by night, he started playing the guitar at 12. Having a natural talent for crafting his own songs with emotive lyrics and soul-stirring vocals is really impressive. Be sure to give it a listen right here via Spotify.

Musically speaking, you will notice his influences range from Americana, Folk, and Alt-Country music. In point of fact, he considers himself a huge fan of Eric Church who paved the way for today’s remarkable Nashville artists. Genuinely, “Sunshine From The Rain” produced by Jake Skinner, has meaningful vibes as it pulls you to questioning life and your relationship with the person you love. In addition, the sing-along chorus is packed with contagious energy. Not to mention, its bright message makes it a proper masterpiece. I hope you enjoy it and keep an eye out on his socials below.



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Discover The Best Alternative Indie Music From Opposites Attract



Opposites Attract Alt Rap/Pop music
Opposites Attract
make a difference with their remarkable alternative indie music. This duo from Louisville, Kentucky has been active for three years creating songs influenced by Linkin Park, Billie Eilish, Jon Bellion, etc. Having their own formula which melds a variety of sounds like Rap, Pop, and Rock is totally a big plus as these artists embrace originality. A solid collection of tracks that shine can be found on their 2019 album, ‘Nightmares. It goes without saying that they dive into different sonic elements. On the one hand, they innovate, while on the other, they’re also breaking paradigms in the music industry. Stream in full right here.

So far, their concept album ‘Nightmares’ represents the best alternative indie music you’ll get in the blogosphere. Incredibly, the duo conjures a delightful mixture of unexpected rhythm patterns. Add to this, energetic and passionate vocals from lead singer Josh Rivera, who makes you feel his emotions on another level.

Fans will be happy to know about the release of an upcoming record in early 2021. Opposites Attract confess they’ll explore more organic instrumentation. Consequently, the new material allows them to reinvent themselves and evolve artistically. Keep an eye out for future announcements below.



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