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Top Tips To Dressing Casual For Men



Top Tips To Dressing Casual For Men
The trick to dressing casually is to pick out pieces that aren’t specific to any given season. Casual wear essentially means style with comfort during informal occasions or situations. If you need a style revamp or just suggestions on what to pair your clothes with, then not to worry because we’re here to solve your problems with our trusty hand. Put your necktie away, sit back and relax whilst we take you on a blissful journey.

It is crucial to find items that pretty much go with anything and something that isn’t too flashy. Opt for a basic crewneck t-shirt to carry you throughout any season. It is an endless choice of what you can pair a t-shirt with, from joggers, jeans and cargo pants. I would recommend minimalistic t-shirts with block colours or stripes, any other pattern could be too loud for the look you’re going for.

Jeans would always work well with casual-wear, stick to darker colours like navy or black when picking out denim jeans and remember to always buy good-quality trousers to avoid colours running in the wash. You should avoid styles that contain rips or frays in them for a more classic casual approach. Ideally, I would suggest opting for a slim pair of jeans as they are usually suited to most body types.

I find that jumpers are always my go-to when it comes to dressing casual, it’s easy to throw a jumper on for a crisp and neat look whilst still maintaining the casual aesthetic. Whether it is a sweatshirt or a knit jumper it’ll be perfect for any occasion. It is the flawless jeans and jumper combination. Opt for neutral tones, this can be down to your choice from your greys to your whites. Knit jumpers should always be made out of merino wool or cashmere for optimal layering and snug comfort.

Put your oxford shoes away for this one. Sticking to trainers are ideal for casual wear, not only do they create a minimalistic look but they are also cosy and sturdy. They go well with almost anything like chinos or shorts, whatever the event whether it’d be down at the pub with your mates or on a date with your lover, trainers are perfect for the occasion. I propose going for suede or leather shoes to allow your feet to breathe and sustain different terrains. Top your outfit off with a comfortable and durable jacket, there are many to choose from that fit the casual criteria such as a bomber jacket or a sherpa denim jacket.

It’s always important to choose classic pieces that can pair easily with statement pieces without any hassle. Keep in mind a strict colour palette when you’re out shopping, it’s all about comfort so find something you feel confident in that also makes a statement.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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