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Transport Your Mind To Another Place With Alex Haas & Bill Laswell’s New Album



Alex Haas

Alex Haas and Bill Laswell are immersed in music since the late 70s. Both Producers’ creativity led them to work with big names in the industry like David Bowie, PIL, The Ramones, Prince, Brian Eno, and many more. Without a doubt, throughout their careers, they have experimented with various rhythms. Naturally, that’s what art is about, to evolve and transform so you don’t bore your audience. Recently, I’m totally enjoying their latest album ‘Smoke + Glass’ because they bet on Trip Hop, which will give you some Massive Attack vibes. Nevertheless, they explore jazzy and ambient elements too.

Their new full body of work will relax you from start to finish. Here we have a record that is over 40 minutes of chilled-out Electronica. Inspired in urban atmospheres, all these instrumental tracks can transport your mind to another place. Not to mention, it was recorded in different destinations such as Paris, NYC, Morocco and even South East Asia. That being said, its sonic variety is the key to the taste. To sum up, they have created a feel-good sound of their own.



By Erick Ycaza

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