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Tranzducer, ‘Play Onwards’ Track-By-Track Review



Anthony Alongi aka Tranzducer is a musician, producer, and engineer from Texas, USA. His music style could be described just as pure Electronica music!
I feel honored to review his upcoming album ‘Play Onward’, which will be released on December 10th.
This material is a manifestation of Retro-futurism in music. You’ll notice timeless tunes and unique sounds which mingle synths, drums,  electric guitar sounds and tropical space beats.
Here’s our track-by-track review of the year’s most anticipated Electronica album.

1. Rising, Son It is edgy and avant-garde! The largest instrumental song on the album that sounds like a journey through space.

2. Mayflowers Original, dreamy and trippy, it includes some sexy guitar riffs and  sound effects from the nature.

3. Rocky Mountain Hi This is another superb Techno/Electronica track which features a catchy stomping beat and somehow dark.

4. Play Onwards The funkiest song on the album, there is a part that includes a choir of kids that sounds all too similar to Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E”.

5. Reverse McTwist A tech-dreamscape, Rock music mixed with the Electronica genre. The beats constantly change.

6. Long Island Sound Tranzducer tries to make a cool summer/tropical track with his remarkable music style. The more I listen to it the more that I like it.

7. Secret Circuit One word TECHNO! I’m loving the sound of the hi-hats.

8. Blaze of Glory I think this song is being influenced by Reggae music, and it’s cool because it sounds different than the other tunes on the album.

9. Spiral Fluid 90’s old school rave sound + ambient music to chill out.

10. Outside Inn The last track is simply lovely, modern Electronica music at its finest!


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The Anti-Stress Effects Of Lo-Fi Music Are Real, Meet Mind=Dead



Lo-Fi music produced by Mind=Dead
is an emerging producer from Salt Lake City who is taking all the right steps to bring you the best Lo-Fi music. Not to mention, his recent track, “Flutter” will relax your mind quickly. Although it seems unreal, its anti-stress effects are due to the combination of downtempo and orchestral elements. Needless to say, listening to its dreamy synths is the most appropriate thing to do after a busy day at work.

Likewise, the delicate piano chords can also restore harmony within yourself. I love the fact that Lo-Fi music has a steadily growing fanbase. It just shows how important are mellow beats in our life, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Indeed, stress may contribute to serious health problems. Precisely for that reason, Mind=Dead wants to make your days so much better. Follow him on all his streaming platforms to keep up with new laidback melodies.


Apple Music

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Film Composer Mario Anthony And His Enigmatic Instrumental Music



enigmatic instrumental music by Mario Anthony
Mario Anthony
is a fresh film composer from Chicago. This year, he brings under the spotlight his passion for enigmatic instrumental music. Not so long ago, he premiered the clip for his work of art titled “Atlantis.” Right from the start, his cinematic sounds evoke a sense of spatial imagery. What’s more, the airy synths can hypnotize you as if you were entering an unknown dimension. Indeed, the visuals below serve as a tour guide to an alternate reality where lone wanderers in special suits discover an extinct civilization. In particular, this intriguing piece is inspired by the fictional lost city cited in Plato’s works.

In 2003, movie scores of Spiderman and Hulk marked his life positively since childhood. At the early stage of his career, Mario Anthony learned to play the piano at a rapid pace. It was only later that he got fully immersed in film soundtracks after experiencing a concert by Hans Zimmer. The acclaimed Geman film composer is probably his musical hero to date. He is known for mixing orchestral instruments with Electronica.

One thing Mario Anthony and Zimmer share in common is that their imagination bustles with a frenzy of creativity. Artists in this field are on the mission to simulate a wide range of experiences through instrumental music. In the case of “Atlantis,” its charm arises from enigmatic sonic textures that approach a futuristic vision with high precision. Only time will tell if he can reshape the film industry by offering more original proposals.



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Spacey Electronic Music No One Should Miss Out, Listen To “Send Off”



spacey electronic music Donna O. Raphael
Rising female producer Donna O. Raphael is back with spacey electronic music! Just think about the futuristic synths of her new track “Send Off” as the opening soundtrack of a sci-fi movie. It’s easy to see why she experiments with ethereal chords that naturally lean toward sonic textures of distant galaxies. Furthermore, the fantastic instrumentals are enriched by vintage-esque drum beats, which give it an appropriately old-school vibe.

Certainly, Donna’s spacey electronic music can be very effective if you need to clear your mind today. Press the play button below.

Independent filmmakers must check out her website World Instrumentals. By the same token, this site is a great resource for artists who are looking for original pieces of music mostly intended for flicks or visual campaigns.



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