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Tranzducer, ‘Play Onwards’ Track-By-Track Review



Anthony Alongi aka Tranzducer is a musician, producer, and engineer from Texas, USA. His music style could be described just as pure Electronica music!
I feel honored to review his upcoming album ‘Play Onward’, which will be released on December 10th.
This material is a manifestation of Retro-futurism in music. You’ll notice timeless tunes and unique sounds which mingle synths, drums,  electric guitar sounds and tropical space beats.
Here’s our track-by-track review of the year’s most anticipated Electronica album.

1. Rising, Son It is edgy and avant-garde! The largest instrumental song on the album that sounds like a journey through space.

2. Mayflowers Original, dreamy and trippy, it includes some sexy guitar riffs and  sound effects from the nature.

3. Rocky Mountain Hi This is another superb Techno/Electronica track which features a catchy stomping beat and somehow dark.

4. Play Onwards The funkiest song on the album, there is a part that includes a choir of kids that sounds all too similar to Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E”.

5. Reverse McTwist A tech-dreamscape, Rock music mixed with the Electronica genre. The beats constantly change.

6. Long Island Sound Tranzducer tries to make a cool summer/tropical track with his remarkable music style. The more I listen to it the more that I like it.

7. Secret Circuit One word TECHNO! I’m loving the sound of the hi-hats.

8. Blaze of Glory I think this song is being influenced by Reggae music, and it’s cool because it sounds different than the other tunes on the album.

9. Spiral Fluid 90’s old school rave sound + ambient music to chill out.

10. Outside Inn The last track is simply lovely, modern Electronica music at its finest!


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