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Try Not To Laugh While Watching A Disco Music Video From Selbor



Selbor is a singer-songwriter from Spain who resides in London. A few months ago, he uploaded a Disco music video for his latest single “Your Love” on YouTube. No one can guarantee this clip will go viral, but I’m sure you won’t stop laughing due to its bizarre storyline.

I don’t want to go into further details because I would prefer that you watch it completely. In short, everything centers around a weird fetish and a guy on three different dates. Trust me, the end is hilarious and these visuals directed by Harry Deadman, include the wow effect.

This post isn’t really a challenge, so don’t even try holding back your laughter. 😆

disco music video

“Your Love” was produced in the middle of lockdown last year. With optimism, Selbor provides a grain of hope to listeners with this project that will remind them of dance floors. On the other hand, it carries a message about loving fully and freely without bindings.

I think it’s worth stressing that Hot Chip has successfully remixed this cut and it’s as good as the original version.

If this Disco music video exceeds your expectations, just wait to see what else Selbor has in store for the next season.



By Erick Ycaza

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