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Tunes To Take To Bed



Tunes To Take To Bed

Looking for the right tunes to get your lover in the mood, you’re probably gonna and definitely should skip right past the Bryan Adams power ballads, the dulcet tones of Air Supply, and even the trotting strains of Ravel’s “Bolero” (who can go for 20 minutes, anyway?).

According to former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss, whose new book The Player’s Guide, there are really only a few recording artists who fit the bill when you’re looking to have sex with your partner, and the short list starts with Frank Sinatra.

“He says it all,” says Fleiss, “and once we are riding on that emotion, who knows what we are capable of?” Fleiss also recommends Barry White, particularly All Time Greatest Hits.

Some, like humorist and author Neal Pollack, believe music is not so important to a satisfying sexual encounter. “Rare is the person for whom music is integral to sex,” says Pollack, “and those people are usually drummers. I think that most people feel grateful to have sex at all, with or without music.” Pollack, nevertheless, concedes that Herb Alpert’s “Rise” has provided soundtrack to many of his, er, ebbs and flows.

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