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Twitter Popularity Among Hollywood Celebrities



Twitter Popularity Among Hollywood CelebritiesThe growth of the internet over the last two decades has revolutionized modern lifestyles. One way in which this platform has changed people is in new forms of communication. Today, information is more accessible and through social media tools it is very easy to interact.

One of the most popular social media platforms is of course Twitter, a micro blogging service enabling you to send short messages called tweets. The most outstanding benefit of Twitter is the way it enables celebrities from all over the world to interact with their fans and the public in general.

Twitter and Celebrities

To make an impact in today’s globalized world any public figure must have a Twitter account or else he or she will risk sinking into oblivion. Simply put the rate of conversations on this social platform is so rapid that it influences opinion faster than any other media tool.

As such, celebrities consider this platform as a way of getting their opinion out on different issues ranging from their personal life to politics. The determinant of Twitter’s popularity with celebrities lies in the number of followers an individual has and these are simply staggering.

Some of the most followed celebrities on Twitter include:

• Katy Perry: Her music is fantastic but her controversial relationships also make her stand out in the public. It is for these reasons that she has over 55 million Twitter followers.
• Justin Bieber: Love him or hate him his music still resonates with the young who are hooked top social media. The Bliebers as his followers are called stand at over 53 million on Twitter.
• Barrack Obama: Forget what others call hesitancy on global issues the president of the strongest nation on earth is a celebrity on his own rights. He commands over 44 million followers and is very active on the micro blogging site.

Other popular celebrities on Twitter include Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake among others.

Why is Twitter popular with celebrities?

At a glance the information shared by public figures can be disturbing. For example, when Erykah Badu shared details of her child birth with all gory details included it seemed like going overboard. However Twitter helps these celebrities in various ways including:

• Savvy media control: The days of Paparazzi are numbered because even before they get the scoop these celebrities will already have shared this information. Twitter thus helps to devalue the information and the media stops harassing them for any more details.
• Clearing the picture: If there is an impersonator using your name as a celebrity the best approach is to try and manage your reputation. You will simply have to create another account and let the people know the true account. By tweeting constantly on relevant details the impostor will become inconsequential and eventually die off.
• Hyping up their products: Assuming that Lady Gaga has a song about to be released on the best platform to alert fans is on her Twitter account. Here over 50 million people are always on the lookout for a word from her.

There you have it; if you are looking for a celebrity you will most likely get them on Twitter and for a good reason.


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