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Types Of Digital Radios And Useful Features To Consider



digital radios
Digital radios are great, easy to set up and use. They have an extensive range of helpful features. First, let’s understand the different types of radios and then the features. It will help you choose the ideal one to suit your needs.

Types of radios

DAB radios
Roughly 33% people tune in DAB broadcasts. They range from handheld personal units to large tabletop radios.

• Extensive channel options.
• It picks digital signals, so no natural static.
• Choose the channel by name – automatic tuning.
• Screen shows the artist name and track title, as you listen.
• Several models receive FM radio signals.

• Depends on coverage around your location.
• Podcasts cannot be downloaded.

internet radios
Internet radios

• Thousands of radio stations to opt.
• Better sound quality as data gets streamed across the internet. It is not dependent on aerials and signal frequency.
• Can act as a wireless speaker to listen to your music collection.

• Costly than DAB radios.
• Complicated to install.
• Need good broadband connection to stream music steadily.

Battery-powered radios

• Great boon to carry it on a camping trip or in the garden to catch up the latest news.
• Few models use rechargeable batteries, which get recharged when radio gets plugged in the mains.Battery-powered radiosCons
• Replacing batteries is expensive.

Personal radios

• Small and portable.
• Needs headphones with in-built aerial to enhance reception.
• Includes in-built rechargeable battery.personal radiosCons
• Reception differs as you move around.
• A single person can listen, at a time.
• Sound quality gets affected by the small speaker.

To take advantage of a digital radio lookout for specific helpful features.

Helpful features to consider while buying a digital radio

To locate the best portable radio, check the following features.

Model having an alarm option is useful, if you need help to get up in the morning. Select a model, which allows manual alarm setting so you can sleep-in during weekend. Even check how the alarm sounds.

Bluetooth & NFC

Radios having Bluetooth and Near Field Communication [NFC] syncs easily with an MP3 player, Smartphone or tablet. Thus, you can wirelessly stream music.

Dock allows to slot in your MP3 player or Smartphone, so as to play songs from your device.

Touchscreens are not for everyone. Many people struggle with controls due to dexterity issues. They should choose radios with traditional buttons and knobs.

Snooze button
In case you are looking for a bedroom alarm clock then check a radio model with a prominent snooze button. In this way, you get a chance to gain extra ten minutes without fumbling to find the right buttons and put off the alarm.

Remote control
This is not an important aspect but if you are choosing a radio for your living room then this can be handy. You don’t need to get up to switch stations or adjust the volume, every time. Choose a remote with noticeable, well-labeled buttons.

Many models are compatible with DAB+, which is used all around the world. DAB+ support means you will be able to use radio on foreign turfs.

It can be handy because you can plug in a phone or table to charge or hear songs through them.

Recording function
Several radios allow you to record your most favorite show.

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