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UK Company Makes Vinyl Records From Cremation Ashes



A UK company called And Vinyly is mixing the ashes of dead people into records to create a macabre memento of a person’s life.

They put the cremated body parts into raw vinyl that is used to make the discs.

Basic packages cost £2,000 for up to 30 discs – far less than the cremation or traditional burial.

And Vinyly was founded by British music producer Jason Leach in 2009 but has seen a surge in interest recently.
The process involves sprinkling the ash onto a piece of vinyl, known as a puck or biscuit. The vinyl is then pressed by plates to create grooves and press the ash into the record.

The hard part is supposedly choosing a record, with some opting for 12 minutes of laughter or songs with puns in the title.

For those who prefer a ‘minimal’ approach, And Vinyly can press the ashes into the vinyl with no song.

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