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Uncategorized Teaser [Video]



Here comes something slightly weird but fresh, original and definitely uncategorized. This slidefilm-ish grayscale video was made by 56 Stuff, known as “a music label for non-boring, adventurous, cheerful and whatsoever electronic music” in order to present its forthcoming compilation. The title of it is “Uncategorized”.
“Uncategorized”, which will be released this December, consists of 15 tracks by various artists from all over the world who produce music of wide range. The compilation was prepared with utter contempt for all the kinds of categorization. Its video teaser follows the idea and denies conventionalities and rules of presentation, advertising and even orthography.
It’s recommended to use headphones while watching this in order to experience the full effect. There are lots of off-screen happenings! It is also possible—if to listen really carefully—to hear fragments of all the tracks of the forthcoming “Uncategorized” compilation.
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