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Underground Techno Artist Luca Draccar Releases ‘Soul Grabber’ EP



underground techno artist Luca Draccar
Luca Draccar
‘s new ‘SOUL GRABBER’ EP contains all the loved elements of underground Techno. On the one hand, dark, dense, and haunting melodies are designed for big clubs and festivals, while, on the other, some tracks are of a contemplative and even hypnotic nature. However, in the main, his experimental arrangements draw inspiration from supernatural creatures such as demons, vampires, and ghosts. In the same way that the monstrosity of these entities absorbs the light of your aura, likewise, this EP will take possession of your musical spirit. Press play below.

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Personally, I like how diverse is the original version and the remix of “The Rest Is Noise.” Immediately upon hearing these cuts, it will be difficult to stop moving your feet. If the basis of the raw material is the arpeggios, then it’s awesome to see T. Raumschmiere taking advantage of it with epic and intense effects. Another good number is “Open,” which unfolds a soundscape over pounding beats, giving yourself the chance to escape reality for around 4 and a half minutes. “Satan Club” just feels kinda cinematic and the EP opener “Jadore” sees the underground Techno artist bringing back repetitive patterns of the early Minimal style. In conclusion, whether it scares you or not, it is clear that here the listening experience is solely for the brave.



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